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Those who come to this blog and claim anyone who disagrees with them are overt NWO agents  will not be tolerated and given access to this blog to accuse people and slander people. If you have proof, that is, verifiable evidence, that is a different matter but to come to this blog and accuse my blog of being a covert operation when it is simply an American using Internet and WordPress free blog software and hosting is ludicrous. Internet allows ordinary people to create their own communication and provide a means of self expression.

There is someone trying to post here on my blog claiming commenters and I are covert NWO agents simply because we disagree with this individuals agenda and support of simpleton broadcaster Alan Watt. Alan Watt is the one with access to worldwide radio network, this is merely a tiny blog on Internet. Alan Watt is the one that demonized Alex Jones, accused Alex Jones of being a NWO puppet and now appears on Alex Jones quite frequently. LOL.

Those who accuse other commenters here on this blog and my blog itself as being a George Soros backed web place or that commenters and myself are brainwashed NWO fools are themselves brainwashed Alan Watt muppets. That’s right. Alan Watt has his hand all the way up your ass and you seem to be loving it.

This blog is one of millions on Internet. It is operated by myself, a person who lives in rural southern Indiana who worked in a factory for 35yrs and is now retired. Alan Watt claims to live in a cabin somewhere in Canada yet from that cabin in Canada he logs into a global radio network and spews his philosophy around the globe five days a week and I’m the NWO covert agent!!!!! roflmao. I’m a single person with a free blog and I don’t even have enough money to host it myself, I have to use the wordpress free version to even keep this blog on Internet.

So to conclude, apparently someone with a free wordpress blog is a NWO covert agent yet Alan Watt with access to a global professional radio network with advertisers is the real deal. This is so insane and ridiculous I refuse to entertain this notion and give the poster a medium to spew their false and unsubstantiated claims.

You want to degrade the commenters and myself go elsewhere. You want to claim Alan Watt with his Global Radio Show is the real deal then your too far indoctrinated into the mind games to see that Alan Watt has been given access to the world and people who use free blogs and free blog hosting are merely ordinary citizens trying to reach a few people. Alan Watt has millions of followers who think he’s the “second coming”or perhaps even more.



Good Godless Living Podcast Link

Good Godless Living

LInk to my Good Godless Living audio and podcasts. Recorded Live with no editing, mistakes and all. This is my first attempt at audio podcasting so I’ll have to learn by doing. 😉


People are being good without a God theory

My Google Placement when I checked last was number four in search for “good godless living”. Sweet

Professor Lawrence “RW” Lessig’s “The Withering of the Net” (2006)

On June 16, 2006, Professor Lawrence Lessig gave a talk at the Center for American Progress entitled “The Withering of the Net: How DC Pathologies are Undermining the Growth and Wealth of the Net.” This talk was the second in a series of three. The first talk was Professor Yochai Benkler, the third featured Dave Farber and Vint Cerf.

In just under 40 minutes, Lessig delivered a stunning performance, documenting his assertion that the Internet was created by Republicans and discussing the Read Only (RO) and Read Write (RW) Internet(s). In those less than 40 minutes, Lessig hit the mark precisely on 457 slides. In the spirit of the RW Internet, we taped his performance and then mashed that up with his presentation materials.

The transcript for this talk is here. If you would like to try your own remix, there is also a 39 Mbyte tarball with 590 TIFF images from each state transition in the presentation.

The QuickTime file available here is 800×600 H.264 video. At only 236 Mbytes for 39:04 of video, looks great and less filling too!

This item is part of the collection: Internet Governance

Producer: Carl Malamud
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Language: English
Keywords: Hack Number 9; net neutrality; Republicans; Internet; Lessig
Contact Information: I can be reached as carlATmedia.org.

Creative Commons license: Attribution

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Legality of making mix CDs

Technically, giving away a mix CD is illegal, but there are exceptions.

via CNET


Well dear reader why would anyone put themselves at risk making a mixed tape of embedded artist within an embedded Corporations selling embedded media that may or may not at some point put your ass in prison? Why?

Are embedded media users hoping its their neighbor that gets caught and they don’t get caught. Would it be alright that your mother, father, sister, brother, lover get sent to prison instead of you?

The legality of making a mix tape of embedded media under any condition is just too risky. I’m surprised once you buy embedded media that your allowed to use it !!!!!!!!

There’s a world of independent sovereign media out there made by artists and producers who love media and media fans. So why sell out to Corporate Embedded Media – Be Independent – Use Creative Commons Media !!!

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