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Those who come to this blog and claim anyone who disagrees with them are overt NWO agents  will not be tolerated and given access to this blog to accuse people and slander people. If you have proof, that is, verifiable evidence, that is a different matter but to come to this blog and accuse my blog of being a covert operation when it is simply an American using Internet and WordPress free blog software and hosting is ludicrous. Internet allows ordinary people to create their own communication and provide a means of self expression.

There is someone trying to post here on my blog claiming commenters and I are covert NWO agents simply because we disagree with this individuals agenda and support of simpleton broadcaster Alan Watt. Alan Watt is the one with access to worldwide radio network, this is merely a tiny blog on Internet. Alan Watt is the one that demonized Alex Jones, accused Alex Jones of being a NWO puppet and now appears on Alex Jones quite frequently. LOL.

Those who accuse other commenters here on this blog and my blog itself as being a George Soros backed web place or that commenters and myself are brainwashed NWO fools are themselves brainwashed Alan Watt muppets. That’s right. Alan Watt has his hand all the way up your ass and you seem to be loving it.

This blog is one of millions on Internet. It is operated by myself, a person who lives in rural southern Indiana who worked in a factory for 35yrs and is now retired. Alan Watt claims to live in a cabin somewhere in Canada yet from that cabin in Canada he logs into a global radio network and spews his philosophy around the globe five days a week and I’m the NWO covert agent!!!!! roflmao. I’m a single person with a free blog and I don’t even have enough money to host it myself, I have to use the wordpress free version to even keep this blog on Internet.

So to conclude, apparently someone with a free wordpress blog is a NWO covert agent yet Alan Watt with access to a global professional radio network with advertisers is the real deal. This is so insane and ridiculous I refuse to entertain this notion and give the poster a medium to spew their false and unsubstantiated claims.

You want to degrade the commenters and myself go elsewhere. You want to claim Alan Watt with his Global Radio Show is the real deal then your too far indoctrinated into the mind games to see that Alan Watt has been given access to the world and people who use free blogs and free blog hosting are merely ordinary citizens trying to reach a few people. Alan Watt has millions of followers who think he’s the “second coming”or perhaps even more.



Alan Watt and His Listeners Are Only Hound Dogs


Hound Dog by Elvis Presley



Allan Watt rants and raves yet his act only mentions the puppets of the .0001% never exposing the real agenda of the .0001%. His shtick is to convince you the .0001% agenda is to imprison everyone is a 1984 style Big Brother System where you are a slave but you get to live. This is the big lie 1984 was written by a puppet of the .0001% . His mission was to write a story of the future where all the people  of the world are alive though they are all enslaved. This is the Big Lie.

The actual agenda of the .0001% is the elimination of all the human population of the Earth by 2052 using Digital Technology [CyberInterNetics], the Internet of Things, Singularity and of course Replicants. Digital Technology will replace all human labor which means the .0001% won’t need you and me anymore.

Why take the time to propagandize us through News Anchors, Entertain us using Hollywood actors, writers, directors and politicians when they don’t need us anymore.

Full detains available here



Alan Watt claimed Alex Jones is a NWO agent yet today he is a frequent guest on Alex Jones!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wrrO8wbpFo


The Real Agenda

The .0001% have been at this for over a million years. They can adjust the 2052 date if they need to. They certainly are willing to do whatever it takes, after all, the reward is total elimination of the “Useless Eaters” which is how they think of us. The treat us like shit and when they needed our labor. The .0001% will gleefully eliminate us.

Read Bill Joy’s “The Future Doesn’t Need Us”

WiReD Magazine

I now return you to Alan Watt and his entertainment GOLD selling RBS dog food for all you Hound Dogs out there…

Sufis, Ipower and Alan Watt Connection?


Sufism, the way of mysticism. Early in the history of Islam there
emerged groups who were not satisfied with the outward observances and
rituals of religion. They wanted, instead, a religion of inner
experience, an asceticism that renounced the luxuries of the world and
devoted itself purely to obedience to Gods, rather than to CREATION

By the 8th century, these groups became known as Sufis, probably from
the Essene garments of wool (suf in Arabic) that they wore.

Inside the Eye » Blog Archive » Media Madness – The Gambit to Control Mass Perception

Inside the Eye » Blog Archive » Media Madness – The Gambit to Control Mass Perception.

In this latest episode of Inside the Eye – Live! we discuss the lack of media diversity and how this consolidation of media has resulted in a total abuse of the media for the benefit media ownership interests at the expense of the public for which media licenses are granted in order to serve.

What is clear is the current main stream media has abandoned all pretexts in serving the roles for which they are granted licenses to operate (in regards to electronic media of television and radio).

With the latest admission that CNN (as a part of this main stream media group) is “in the business of kicking candidates out of the race”, this show deals with this admission. On the plate are such issues as media ownership, media framing, media complicity in the 9-11 terror attack, and more.

You can catch the show here:

Inside the Eye » Blog Archive » Inside the Eye Live! – The NWO in Focus

Inside the Eye » Blog Archive » Inside the Eye Live! – The NWO in Focus.

Inside the Eye Live! – The NWO in Focus

Inside the Eye has finally gone “live!”.  You can now catch Inside the Eye – Live! at the Oracle Broadcasting Network every Saturday from 10:00AM CDT – 12:00PM CDT.

In this, the second show, we bring the idea of “the New World Order” into focus.  From the time of Plutarch, the idea of a one world government has been bantered around.  Today, the idea of a “one world government” is regarded as a “conspiracy”, yet the idea has been a part of mythical framing for over 1700 years.  Surely someone in the elite is aware of the concept from ages past…

We had some technical difficulties but the show went off very well and is already very well received.  You can catch the show below or visit Inside the Eye – Archives for all episodes as they are recorded moving forward.