Alan Watt is Bullshit

I know many online who are Alan Watt listeners as well as some local people who listen to the Alan Watt Show and it is a show. Many of these Alan Watt listeners that I know have listened to Alan Watt for at least five years or more. What have they done within that time? Listened to Alan Watt that’s what they’ve done. Five years or more of listening to Alan Watt whine about stuff with no action. Alan Watt’s awakening has really effected these people. They go to work at the same job, watch the same sports on TV. The same TV soaps. They buy the same Corporate digital devices and have the same Corporate data plans for their smart phones. The only major change in their five years or more of Alan Watt is that Alan Watt’s Cutting Through the Matrix is now a regular part of their playlist. It’s like watching an exercise show, never doing the exercises and expecting to lose weight. LOL. 

It is shameful and should be embarrassing to admit as a AW listener that they’ve done nothing the last five years or so but listen to Alan Watt. Sitting on one’s ass complaining is about the easiest thing anyone can do. It’s not at all effective however. It’s like voting every two and four years expecting that’s enough to ensure Liberty & Justice for All. 

Attention Alan Watt ass sitters. Daydreaming without action is the same as not thinking at all. No action, no results. Pretending to be an activist, a protester, a dissident from your arm chair is ludicrous and insane. Those who do the same thing day in and day out expecting different results are delusional and foolish. Unfortunately for Alan Watt listeners you really do have to get up off your ass and join the world of action to make a difference. Sitting around telling each other how more enlightened you are than everybody else is a waste of time if you intend to continue to act like sheep and do what those you claim are less wise than you are doing. When someone is truly more in the know that others those in the know make different decisions and form different actions. If someone claims to be enlightened and wiser yet they go to work like everybody else, watches TV and movies like everybody else, thinks voting every two and four years is the best one can do politically then the so called more enlightened aren’t any different than those less knowledgeable.

Know Alan Watt listeners personally I can see no difference between them and those they claim to be “dumb misguided rubes”.  There are thousands listening to Alan Watt and he should be ashamed of the lack of improvement in current political activity his radio show has wrought. If Alan Watt would go off the air today nothing would change in the world as Alan Watt and his listeners have done nothing but whine. 

It is what it is. Alan Watt is mere entertainment for those seeking visions of superiority without actually doing anything. It should be embarrassing and shameful to Alan Watt and his listeners that the world wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.

Alan Watt, infotainment for the deaf, dumb and blind.




13 thoughts on “Alan Watt is Bullshit

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    • You barely wrote your comment Jon. Why don’t you get off your armchair and contribute to society. I write blogs, I curate data, I do several audio netcasts while you write a seven simply worded comment without backing up your position. You are the perfect example of a “do nothing” Alan Watt listener. You must be exhausted writing such an in-depth opinionated response.

      • Look at me I’m so important! lol. You sit in your chair and write pointless articles about your misplaced opinions. Everyone has the right to their opinion but it’s always easy to tell when someone has written about something they don’t really understand. I could have written a detailed comment but I can tell your knowledge on the subject is very limited. Personally I could care less what you say about Alan Watts. But this article was written in a spiteful, hateful manner and reveals the authors ignorance of the subject matter. Actually the article isn’t even about Alan Watts it’s about people you know that listen to him and are lazy. Why even title the article Alan Watts is Bullshit. Obviously you are just an antagonist with too much time on his hands.

  2. So you write blogs and do “audio netcasts”, which is fundamentally different from Alan Watt, how?

    Your blog and “netcast” is no more effective than Alan Watt’s radio program, or Alex Jones articles and broadcasts. In fact, it would be fair to assert that your dribble is less effective, in that at least they’ve managed to gain a following and found a way to turn a buck in the process.

    And I don’t advocate or listen to either. They’re shills. But you do exactly what they do only on a smaller scale, which is preach from your computer.

    Write another blog, Superman. Way to change the world.

    • You’re so sad. Using other people’s media to bitch & moan. Apparently you needed to use this blog to express yourself. Blogs are free and easily hosted fro free et you don’t. Audio netcasts can be done for free and hosted for free yet you don’t do it. Once again an armchair activist bitching and moaning. Not on your own website. Not on your own audio netcast but on someone else’s site. Who did you get to type up you rant, you’re mother?

    • Jon, thanks for reading my blog. Alan Watt is for armchair activists who do nothing. They listen to Alan Watt every day and they claim that makes them active and wiser. LOL.

      As for you Jon, you could have written a detailed comment? I doubt it. As for you other point about my telling the truth that Alan Watt listeners and your claim you don’t care what I’ve written let me clue you in about Internet. In my years of Internet activity people don’t take the time to comment on things they don’t care about. So the fact that you’ve comment shows you do care. Otherwise I would have never known you were here.

      Take care & Be well

  3. Jon, you are clearly the stupid person here, not us. What a troller you are? I post an e-book using Alan’s own quotes, heavily sourced and referenced- and you call me a “loser”? You are the classic case of someone not even being able to remotely deal with the arguments given.

  4. How the hell do you know what Alan Watt listeners do from day to day? In the time I have listened to Watt I haven’t been to work once, I haven’t paid any taxes, and I hardly ever watch the TV, I don’t participate in any social networks. Anything else you would like to know before you go back to your cheerleading for Ron Paul? Is it too much for you to accept that there are many people out there, including Watt, who just disagree with you and your narrow, myopic, chauvinist world view?

    • Unlike you I do research. There’s plenty of places where Alan Watt listeners post their activities, interests, and more. Try to learn to use digital technology before you go on someone else’s blog and mouth off from ignorance. Goodbye and good riddance.

  5. Where are these places? Why don’t you tell me. The reason I want to know is because I hardly ever hear anyone discussing Watt or claiming to be fans of him except for a few obscure Youtube videos, or blogs like this. I mean you’ve got whole sites and forums dedicated to Icke, Jones, Tarpley etc but there is nothing comparable for Watt. And yes I have googled and googled but I am no closer to finding anywhere with a forum, or even a recent active thread discussing Watt. Please enlighten me.

    By the way, I would hedge a bet that most of your research, like all atheists, consists of rummaging through Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens books to prove a point.

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