Occupy Sovereignty, Alan Watt & Citizen Blogs

Those who come to this blog and claim anyone who disagrees with them are overt NWO agents  will not be tolerated and given access to this blog to accuse people and slander people. If you have proof, that is, verifiable evidence, that is a different matter but to come to this blog and accuse my blog of being a covert operation when it is simply an American using Internet and WordPress free blog software and hosting is ludicrous. Internet allows ordinary people to create their own communication and provide a means of self expression.

There is someone trying to post here on my blog claiming commenters and I are covert NWO agents simply because we disagree with this individuals agenda and support of simpleton broadcaster Alan Watt. Alan Watt is the one with access to worldwide radio network, this is merely a tiny blog on Internet. Alan Watt is the one that demonized Alex Jones, accused Alex Jones of being a NWO puppet and now appears on Alex Jones quite frequently. LOL.

Those who accuse other commenters here on this blog and my blog itself as being a George Soros backed web place or that commenters and myself are brainwashed NWO fools are themselves brainwashed Alan Watt muppets. That’s right. Alan Watt has his hand all the way up your ass and you seem to be loving it.

This blog is one of millions on Internet. It is operated by myself, a person who lives in rural southern Indiana who worked in a factory for 35yrs and is now retired. Alan Watt claims to live in a cabin somewhere in Canada yet from that cabin in Canada he logs into a global radio network and spews his philosophy around the globe five days a week and I’m the NWO covert agent!!!!! roflmao. I’m a single person with a free blog and I don’t even have enough money to host it myself, I have to use the wordpress free version to even keep this blog on Internet.

So to conclude, apparently someone with a free wordpress blog is a NWO covert agent yet Alan Watt with access to a global professional radio network with advertisers is the real deal. This is so insane and ridiculous I refuse to entertain this notion and give the poster a medium to spew their false and unsubstantiated claims.

You want to degrade the commenters and myself go elsewhere. You want to claim Alan Watt with his Global Radio Show is the real deal then your too far indoctrinated into the mind games to see that Alan Watt has been given access to the world and people who use free blogs and free blog hosting are merely ordinary citizens trying to reach a few people. Alan Watt has millions of followers who think he’s the “second coming”or perhaps even more.



4 thoughts on “Occupy Sovereignty, Alan Watt & Citizen Blogs

  1. That is the fun of the internet to some though, they believe they can be something they are not. They can regress to the child and utilize name calling and juvenile antics, in the hopes for the attention they are lacking in there own reality.
    This country, and most of the developed world, is becoming a breeding ground for sociopathic behavior, in fact it is rewarded.
    It is sad that people need others to point this out to them, when it is in plain sight.

  2. Alan Watt gives away tons of FREE information all the time, who are you to call into account his credibility? When did Alan Watt ‘demonize’ Alex Jones? He merely pointed out that there are people out there with their own motives and own agenda, and not all can be trusted. He didn’t even mention Jones by name. I do love how you are here pleading poverty, yet you choose to attack Watt – the very man who in the whole ‘conspiracy’ circuit who truly does live hand to mouth, unlike the likes of Jones who probably live in a nice big house. You are sitting there typing your little blog on your super fast high-tech laptop or tablet device, while Watt has a very slow Windows 98 computer. Maybe research the man a little more before you go about shamelessly trying to slander him and his image.

    • Bob, try to pay attention. Alan Watt made fun of Alex Jones on the Jackie Perdue and Alan Watt radio program. He did it several times. It’s not an attack when you make statements of truth. Go cry to your mom. Maybe she’ll comfort you.

  3. No he didn’t. I thought you atheists like to cry and froth at the mouth for ‘proof, proof, show us yer proof’. Well lets see your proof or evidence for Alan Watt explicitly attacking Alex Jones. By the way, there has been several instances of researchers going back and forth, or even belittling each other, by name, and quite openly (which Watt didn’t even do with Jones) and yet they still have appeared on each others shows, or cosigned each other.

    Even your hero Ron Paul has attacked individuals in politics explicitly and then had breakfast with them like they are best of pals. It’s the height of hypocrisy for a Ron Paul fanatic to start accusing others of dishonesty.

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