Alan Watt and His Listeners Are Only Hound Dogs


Hound Dog by Elvis Presley


Allan Watt rants and raves yet his act only mentions the puppets of the .0001% never exposing the real agenda of the .0001%. His shtick is to convince you the .0001% agenda is to imprison everyone is a 1984 style Big Brother System where you are a slave but you get to live. This is the big lie 1984 was written by a puppet of the .0001% . His mission was to write a story of the future where all the people  of the world are alive though they are all enslaved. This is the Big Lie.

The actual agenda of the .0001% is the elimination of all the human population of the Earth by 2052 using Digital Technology [CyberInterNetics], the Internet of Things, Singularity and of course Replicants. Digital Technology will replace all human labor which means the .0001% won’t need you and me anymore.

Why take the time to propagandize us through News Anchors, Entertain us using Hollywood actors, writers, directors and politicians when they don’t need us anymore.

Full detains available here


Alan Watt claimed Alex Jones is a NWO agent yet today he is a frequent guest on Alex Jones!!


The Real Agenda

The .0001% have been at this for over a million years. They can adjust the 2052 date if they need to. They certainly are willing to do whatever it takes, after all, the reward is total elimination of the “Useless Eaters” which is how they think of us. The treat us like shit and when they needed our labor. The .0001% will gleefully eliminate us.

Read Bill Joy’s “The Future Doesn’t Need Us”

WiReD Magazine

I now return you to Alan Watt and his entertainment GOLD selling RBS dog food for all you Hound Dogs out there…


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