Fintan Dunne, Global Scope: Redux

Global Scope Analysis
10th May, 2012


– Voters Revolt In France and Greece
– Rick Santelli Rant: Raw Deal For Youth
– Monsanto Gets Even More Evil
– Mark Faber on 50% Losses For the Wealthy
– MMT Rebels Versus Fake Elite Economics

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Blowback From Sarkozy’s Election Finance Shenanigans

The Beginning Of The End Game In Greece?

Greek left leader renounces bailout deal

How Green Was My Bankruptcy?

William Hague must get post-colonial on Latin America. Fast

Argentina’s oil grab is timely retort to rampaging capitalism

Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm

New Technology Bypasses GM Food Regulations

Climate craziness of the week – paleotootology

Solar grand minima linked to cooling period in Europe

How The Sun Could Control Earth’s Temperature [pdf]

Why the Job Market Will Continue Shrinking

Bill Black: NYT Reporters Need to Read Krugman’s Columns


Opposition SPD Party Scuppers German Vote On Fiscal Treaty


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