No Agenda Radio April 1, 2012

200 Hundred Million Ninjas

Editor’s Note:

The Shill Hosts of No Agenda


These two CorpoRATe shills declare that the US represents individualism. This is an out and out lie. The motto lof the United States before the Christian Organized Superstition co-opted our National Motto used to be, “E Pluribus Unum” – “Many Uniting Into One”. These asswipes don’t even realize that “United”refers to the “Union” of indivual states into One Nation, The United States of America! These  so calleI alternative  ignoramuses  of history  aren’t even aware enought to know that in the Civil War the North was called the Union.

Immigrants come to the USA to get behind our bombs which we are dropping around the globe on a daily bases. One da it’s Iraq thenext day it’s Libya!  If a Independent Democracy developers in a nation that does nottow the line of Corporate power  the Corporation calls in the CIA to overturn the elected Demcracy and if need be, installs a cooperating dictator or communist leader. Whitness the Corporate dealings with Communist China.


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