Adi’s Year in Tech News for 2011

Adi’s Year in Tech News 2011


It’s almost the end of the year and there have been many things in tech that have been making news in 2011. Yes, it’s time for the first edition of Adi’s Year in Tech News. This is my selection of some of the tech news stories that happened in 2011.In January, the we had the Consumer Electronics Show(CES), where we saw the likes of Samsung and Panasonic showing off their 3D TVs.  In addition to that, we saw the introduction of the second generation of Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and the Sandy Bridge chipset. Graphics Giant nVidia also introduced the Tegra 2 CPUs for superphones. There were also many tablet PCs that were on show at CES 2011, all fighting to be a true iPad killer.  I am of the opinion that 3D is great when it is done right or used on the right type of TV. For example sports events in 3D are a classic case in point of 3D done wrong. However wildlife documentaries in 3D are an example of 3D done right.In addition that, the Egyptian protests were in the tech spotlight. For five days, the people of Eygypt were disconnected from the internetIn February, we came to the end of an era as the last group of  IP version 4 addresses were assigned. It should not be long before we see the torch being passed over to the IP version 6 addressing standard. In fact, if you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, or Mac OSX, then there is a good chance that you have been using an IPv6 address without even knowing it.In march, we saw the launch of Apple’s iPad 2 tablet PC. It became the second of Apple’s iOS devices to sport the A4 CPU with 1GHz processor, and the third to sport front and back cameras for their Facetime video calling standard.In April, we saw Sony’s PlayStation Network(PSN) and Qriocity services being severely hacked. Hackers were able to hack into the network and get access to the user names, passwords and personal credit card details of tonnes of PSN gamers and music fans.  To apologise, sony gave everyone a welcome back package where users could download 2 games(from a choice of 5 for free) I choose Little big planet and Wipeout HD.In May 2011, Google Announced a new type of laptop known as the ChromeBook.  It’s a laptop made specifically to run Google’s Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a cloud-based operating system where there is no traditional desktop environment that you would see in a Windows laptop or MacBook laptop. Instead, you would have an environment where the web browser is the operating system.  The ChromeBooks would also have a so-called jailbreak mode that would allow people to go into the code for Chrome OS and change it to their needs. It would also allow them to install Windows on the laptop.In addition to that, the very popular Angry Birds mobile game had been made available for Google’s Chrome web browser, it’s safe to say that many people will be spending some time popping some pigs on their laptops for a long time to come.In June 2011 the annual gaming expo known as E3 took place in California USA. Many of the big and smaller games developers were out in force showing off the games that they tend to release both in the short and long term.  In addition to that, we finally got a glimpse at the long-awaited Duke Nukem forver and the much-anticipated WiiU console, which had an iPad-like screen.In July 2011, I started my podcast network, the MHF Tech Network. You can subscribe to it by searching for MHF Tech in the iTunes Store. This network is your go-to source for your regular dose of tech.In August, we saw a company called Evernote acquire Skitch, the company behind a very popular piece of screenshot making software.  In addition to that, Skitch became freeware(software that is available for free). Hopefully, we should see Skitch being ported over to PCs.In September, Google also shown its hand and got into the social network space. They launched their own social network now known as Google Plus. It has video conferencing and had the idea of having different circles for different groups of people. For example, you could have a circle of family members, a circle of university friends and a Circle for people you know at work.Alongside the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S and a white iPod Touch, October was quite a sad month. I was up late one night working on some stuff for this very site, and I started getting a lot of tweets, facebook and other social network activity regarding Steve Jobs.  At the time, I was at home when the activity came in. I figured out that it would be best to go to the source of the news. I logged onto Apple’s official site and it was to my sadness and shock that I found out that Steve Jobs had passed away.We also saw the introduction of a piece of legislation in the USA known as the Stop Online Piracy Act. I for one think that this legislation will basically kill off the american’s right to freedom of speech which is a breach of the first amendment of the american constitution. I also think that the debate on this legislation will continue for a few months to come.In November the hacker group known as TeamPois0n were able to breach the security of the united nations.  They found out the user names and passwords of 1000s of employees.  Of those employees, many of those user accounts had a blank password field and stored in plain text.  In addition to that, we saw the code for Google’s latest version of the Android operating system known as Ice Cream Sandwich become the latest of many operating systems available to be open source.December is in my opinion the best time to buy software such as Acronis True Image(a backup solution), games from Valve’s Steam store. In addition to that, I also launched an awesome competition where you can win a Drobo!So, there you have it! These are just a selection of some of the tech news stories from 2011.  Of course, there were many other stories. For example, Microsoft showed off a developer preview of Windows 8. As well as showing it off, they released thisdeveloper preview to the public..I am running it under virtualisation using Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac and it is running OK at this time. I was able to run Steam and play Crazy Taxi on it without a problem. That being said, I am not going to pass judgement on Windows 8 until it is finished and released to the public.With that, I want to wish you all a happy new year for 2012.