Inside the Eye – Live! – Levant Lunacy

To listen to the blather coming out of the mainstream media and various other press and public relations organs, the whole affair of “Gilad Shalit” being released is the core of the story. If you are not familiar with the story, Gilad Shalit is a soldier who was taken prisoner of war while deployed in Occupied Territories. He was part of a tank crew that was attacked, with two of his occupying comrades being killed in action and Gilad taken as a prisoner of war.

United States officials President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could not contain their glee at the release of a Jew, stating that this Jewish soldier was held for “far too long”. Lost in the statement was a total disconnect from the real story, the deliberate and sadistic use of hostage taking by the Israeli state for the purpose of attempting to pacify the occupied territories.

With well over 600,000 hostages taken by the Jewish state since 1967 alone, and another few million dispossessed, the disparity in Jewish suffering compared to the trials and tribulations of the Palestinian population stands in such stark contrast that it is difficult to reconcile the psychopathology of the Jewish state and their obvious lack of clarity to the reality of the situation they have wrought as a blight on the face of humanity.

Read the whole story: Inside the Eye – Live! – Levant Lunacy


3 thoughts on “Inside the Eye – Live! – Levant Lunacy

  1. Good post Sovereign John, I have already done a response to this pantomime. The worst aspect, apart from the total lack of comprehension on the part of Obama and Clinton that they are the main persecutors of innocent people, whom are incarcerated forever and many are probably already dead, is that the name of the Jew, which I refuse to write, was known to everyone, while nobody could name one of the Palestinians whom were released.

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