Too Many Mikes NetPodCast

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Too Many Mikes: EP02 – The next installment in what’s shaping up to be a quarterly podcast series is now available. Feel free to help yourself to another of the internet’s entirely unnecessary distractions to help you forget for a fleeting moment that time’s arrow only moves in one direction and we’re all tumbling downhill towards unpleasantness.

Topics include: the true origins of meat, accordian music, 80s movies, wrestling in the UK, a short play, and web 2.0 action. Oh, and it’s funny.

Follow up:

Pete Toms is a towering colossus!

As always, thanks to Dave Puzzlemonkey for our opening theme and thanks to the talented Pete Toms for the artwork. If you want to commission Mr. Toms for illustration or just send him money and advice, you can find him over at ifeelawesome.

If you wish to use a banner to link to the home of this and all Too Many Mikes podcasts, you can use the banner just below this paragraph and link to this url:

Too Many Mikes banner

The Participants (and how to tell us apart):

Michael Van Vleet – The one who acts like a host and edited it together. Has a higher voice. Wears the red jumpsuit.

Mikey Hodder – The one with the English accent. Wears the green jumpsuit.

Michael “Ace” Carey – The one perhaps most prone to yelling for comedic effect. The deeper voice. Wears the brown jumpsuit.


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