SHOCK TALK, June 18: Truth in Occupied America

Shock Talk is the only source of truth in occupied America and the only CIVILIAN NEWS NETWORK ON THE PLANET TODAY. Lenny and Mrs. Steele continued to expose the state secrets that the ruling elite hope you don’t learn and the liars and whores of the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press. They update news in light of the Lost Ten Tribal events. Barry Chamish ( idiscusses Jesuit Whistleblower Avro Manhattan’s book “The Vatican Inquisition.” (Available from Barry merely for the cost of shipping).They also discuss the ongoing Catholic-Spanish Inquisition Against Protestants and the Jews which is behind most major events in the news today and is re-shaping worldwide geopolitics. Lenny replays segments from the telephone recordings of Sherman H. Skolnick as he continued to expose the corruption in the court system. Dr. Morgan Reynolds ( in part three of his interview with Lenny, exposes the economic tribulation ongoing and where it’s going to lead. (Reynold’s part 4 will be aired next week.)

DOWNLOAD (right click to save to your computer)


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