Leave the Gatekeepers Behind…

Are you attended by Gatekeepers such as Alex Jones, Alan Watt and Fintan Dunne? Step away from the quarrymen and hear the news of how to decode the Construct for yourself…The Fetch, Matterik and the best, Glen Kealey. Step out from the code. Go from understanding to overstand to verstanding.

Alex Jones, Alan Watt and Fintan Dunne are talking heads of the alternative embedded media. I listened to them for over six years and while they acted as if they wanted me to ‘think for myself’ after six years I was no closer to being capable of understanding local, national and global events myself. I’d have to tune into Alex Jones, Alan Watt or Fintan Dunne to get ‘the alternative news’. Yeah right. Six years wasted on yet more gurus.

Then I found Glen Kealey, the Fetch and Matterik who are teaching how to decode the CONSTRUCT. Now there’s power !!!!

I’ve left the alternative gatekeepers behind. You can tell a gatekeeper, they tell you to ‘think for yourself’ then give you no tools but to keep listening to them for the decoding. Not anymore!!!

Learn what it is to understand, then begin to overstand, eventually to verstand.

~naturalbornsovereignindividual WhoRu?


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