No Longer Listening to Alan Watt…

Since I found the source of Alan Watt’s material, his books and basic ideas I haven’t listened to any more Alan Watt. I was growing weary as he promised to be giving us streaming consciousness and he now reads scripts. Mostly reading articles posted by others and written by others which it turns out is his modus op, using other people’s work.

Glen Kealey is the true source of Alan Watt. I also think Glen Kealey is the source of Lenny Bloom and David Icke, IMHO. I noticed Lenny Bloom website is down and its most likely because his sculpter image is lifted from Glen Kealey along with his tag line of “scrapping the bullshit off the truth” is a variation of Glen Kealey’s tag line as is Alan Watt’s tag line also lifted from Glen Kealey.

David Icke of course is another preverted disinfo distraction designed to cover up the real facts presented by Glen Kealey.


287 thoughts on “No Longer Listening to Alan Watt…

    • JOe, I listened to Alan Watt for three years. He was a regular on Jackie Patru’s show. How much do you know about Alan Watt. What town did he grow up in? What jobs did he have? I don’t think you know this guy at all but if you choose not to look at the data that is available fine by me. Glen Kealey and a blog called Illuminatus Observor are my sites of choice for now.

      Wishing you well.

      BCing you,

      • Here’s the lowdown on Allan. Born Bannockburn Scotland 1951. Education was at a Secondary modern school (tech school) as he could not keep up at the High school he attended. Is qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse, Which was obtained by study at Belsdyke Hospital in Scotland (now defunct) Has basically panhandled his way through life sponging from friends and acquaintances. In his own words “there is no lie he will not tell to get what he wants or to further his agenda”. Lived in my house for 2 years and contributed not thin dime for his and his girlfriends keep. He married Judy a Canadian citizen to get entry to Canada and has since settled there. Judy got dumped as soon as he was eligible to stay in Canada. Good riddance to him and his panhandling ways. Canada’s gain is Scotland’s loss, Don’t think so your welcome to him. Hope Allan comes on here to rebut this, He will have a hard job rebutting the truth.

  1. hmmm,

    I’m listening to all his blurbs. He has no agent, no agenda. He basically lives in the poor house to give us informative information on Human history. As for this Glen Kealy stuff, I find it humorous for you to attack Mr. Watt for the Alien stuff troglodytic material.

    I’ve downloaded all of his shows and he is quite brilliant, unlike you.
    I find it unusual to find people to take people down a peg based on
    information based on Glen Kealy’s Material. If you don’t like Mr. Watt that’s fine. However, spreading disinfo to smear Mr. Watt’s reputation is a disreputable act of cowardice.

    • Alan Watt doesn’t really live in a log cabin, he’s a retired telecom engineer living in Toronto.
      His real name is Innis Floyd and he lives in an apartment near my friend Amanda and drives a Subaru SUV.
      Everything about him, the remote cabin, the power-cuts and the “poverty” is BS.
      Like Alex Jones, he’s just in it for the cash.

      • That’s funny Jim, because when I’ve gotten my packages from Alan, they had an Estaire address on them. He must have a very sophisticated operation going if your assertions are correct. Where did you get this information from? What are your sources of this claim? I believe nothing, unless it can be backed up with facts.

      • i used to listen to alan daily. bought all his books and mp3’s and used to donate. after finding out that the whole astro-theology philosophy he taught was false i stopped listening. if what your saying is true why dont you do a lil private detective work and gather eveidence to prove it. not that you have to prove yourself. but wouldnt it be benificial to 1000’s of people?

  2. Mr. Watt was raised in a mining town In Scotland. He became a well known musician in the 80’s and 90’s. As he was growing up in the EU, he noticed the almagation of Europe’s policies, which coincidently occured at the exact same time.

    He now lives in Estaire Ontario with his dog Hamesh. He has no agent, no money and no agenda. All he does, is give the profane a shortcut to the history of mankind, terms of politics, literature, and philosophy.

  3. You do not know where Alan Watt was raised. You know where he claims he was raised. You do not know Alan Watt noticed almagation of Europe’s polices you only know he claims this. You do not know Alan Watt became a well known musician in the 80’s and 90’s, you only know he claims to be well known.

    It looks like you lifted your so callled facts about Alan Watt from Alan Watts own site. Wow. Don’t strain yourself with fact checks there JOe.

    I prefer to get my data from the source, not some second hand wannabe.

    Believe Alan Watt is a well known musician if you want, then go to a record shop and buy all his albums or buy any album where he’s a listed musician.

    That should keep you busy for the rest of your life,


    When cornered with little chance of escape, the Octopus squirts out a stream of ink and so disappears into the darkened and muddied seas.

  4. Sovereign Joe,

    It’s kind of pathetic of you to accuse me of not knowing where he was raised or so and so. Your words are just spam and a waste of time.

    Whether I know Alan Watt or not, is completely irrelevant to his breadth of knowledge in history. If you attack me based on not knowing where he was raised, I pity your sorry soul.

    You do not know me, nor do you know Alan Watt. It’s kind of ridiculous, bordering fucked up for you to attack Alan in this matter. Regarding his music skills, you should download ‘Hombre’ on his own site. Tell me what you think of his skills as a musician. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best classical songs I’ve heard in ages.

    If you think he’s lying about his musical abilities, that’s up to you. However, you do not know, nor do we know whether he really is or isn’t a musician at heart. The only way I can get some information on his story is by his anecdotes. I know several of them. Before you attack for lack of information, why don’t you do some fact checking yourself ‘ rhetorical ‘ questions always wins in court.

    • I hadn’t realized your Alan Watt puppy love had turned to romantic love JOe. I guess if Mr. Watt told you he was an angel sent from above you’d just take him at his delusion. I think it is grand that you want me to provide facts when it was you what posted a reply full of unproven Alan Watt history. Ha Ha.

      bitch please !!!

      btw, you are sovereignJOe, I’m sovereignjohn. My posts aren’t spam and neither are my replies as this is MY OWN BLOG. Seriously, step away from the hours and hours of Alan Watt reprogramming mp3s and get a grip.

      better yet, read and listen to the real source of Alan Watt material…Glen Kealey !!

      Learn the code for yourself and make up your own mind instead of worshiping an unknown guitar player from who knows where.

      Mate, Grow your own head!!

  5. sovereign john,

    You’re pretty pathetic person. I’ve already made up my mind. You just exist

    to discredit real sources like Alan Watt. I’m done with your non-sense.

    If you want to continue, which you have already, do so at the whims of

    Con-intel operatives.

  6. I bought Alan Watt’s CDs, his books and now realize I’ve been hookwinked and bamboozled. It’s painful but I had to face the facts.

    You notice that my site, this blog of MINE allows YOU to comment and call me names while if you go to Alan Watt’s site there is no place on any of his sites where you can do what you’ve done to me, insult me on my own blog.

    If you’d called Alan Watt’s radio show you’d have been hung up on if you tried to do to him what you have done to me on my own blog you disrespectful bitch.

    I think it is clear to anyone who reads your comments and name calling me on my own blog that tells everyone who U. R. MRS. OCTOPUSSY

    bitch please !!!

    • Yeah, try calling in and just mentioning the name of “Glen Kealey” (who, by the way, I do not support at all, I simply acknowledge the fact that “Watt’s” “books” were photocopies of his material), and you will be hung up on, and then removed from the podcast.

      If he didn’t steal from the guy, why is it a secret?

  7. Alan Watt, I’m afraid, is a dabbler, and while he sometimes presents incisive aspects of NWO ideology, he also, like Peter Joseph, indulges wild nonsequiturs in the areas of epistemology, ancient mystery religions and their present day applications. I’ve got a file open on him, as do others, and we’ll be presenting critiques in the future with a view to restoring credibility among anti-NWO advocates. His “breadth of knowledge” is in fact a smattering of often unrelated or distorted facts which he can through a kind of eloquences put over on naive or money-grubbing Talk Show hosts.

    • Stephen Hand

      checked your blog. It seems a lot of religious are using the controversy of Alan Watt. I’d rather listen to Alan Watt than a person of religiosity any day. Talk about deceit.

  8. Well then by all means do listen to him, my good man. I listen and enjoy too. It’s just that a keep huge grains of salt nearby when I have the pleasure of listening. Some things he says are indubitably true. About 55 % is nutters.

  9. I am the one who exposed Watt stealing his material from Kealey. I brought this information to light on a private Ning forum, and then someone from that forum made a call into his show asking him about Kealey. When he removed the call from the audio file of that particular show, we knew something was up.

    • I’m now on outlaw journalism forum. I think I’ve read your posts there. A grateful thanks to you for your expose’.

      I listened for six years. Alan Watt went from talking to Jackie Patru about old history to his own show where he reads other people’s websites and rambles about the same three or four books everyone should read. Who is Alan Watt? He claims he’s a musician. He claims he grew up in England. Some believe him to be a Doctor. How does one become a Doctor while traveling around the world with bands????? At least Kealey has a history in Canada hat can be checked out. I don’t know who is sponsoring Alan Watt and neither do his listeners. All his listeners seem to know about Alan Watt is whatever Alan Watt tells them.

      Excuse me if am wary of such a guru.

      Thanks for the comment.

      We know in order to ACT…

      Computer: Apple
      Social Networks;
      twitter: sovereignid
      facebook: sovereignjohn
      Web Pages;

      we must grow our own heads




      • I’ve just found this blog and had to stick my oar in! Alan Watt does not claim to have grown up in England! He grew up in Scotland! Different country dumbass. I could tell you a lot about him as I’m related, but then I’d have to kill you, ha ha. I don’t think he does the world any great service as all he does is blah blah about stuff we could all find, read and figure out for ourselves. We’re just too damned lazy. As for his opinions – that’s all they are. Make up your own mind instead of just following something controversial. Ooo, was that a controversial statement in itself?

      • “I listened for six years. Alan Watt went from […]” – Sovereign John, May 15, 2009 at 12:15 pm
        “JOe, I listened to Alan Watt for three years.” – Sovereign John, April 15, 2009 at 5:03 am

        I miss my youth. Can I please borrow your time machine?

  10. If you truly believe that Alan Watt is an agent, misinformed or just trying to make a buck, your sorely mistaken.

    Much like most Bloggers on the Internet, you obviously haven’t done any research of your own. If you had, you’d know about Alan and his works.

    I will tell you he’s a truly spectacular person who is doing nothing more than providing a service. IF you dont’ like, obviously don’t listen. Though, when your sitting on the other side of the detention camp wall, don’t expect Alan to come bust you out.

    • Rob,

      I doubt if you’re one who knows Alan Watt personally so whether he is a spectacular person or not is debatable. You want to be listening to Alan Watt when they come get you for some detention camp fine. What have you do actively to overcome the Fascist Global Government besides sit on your ass listening to some radio show. I imagine the Police State is shaking in its boots knowing people are listening to Alan Watt, Alex Jones, David Icke, Jess Rense, Fintan Dunne and others.

      Alan Watt hasn’t kept anyone free. He does a great job scaring the shit out of people while offering no solutions himself. Go ahead, call him up and ask him what to do to overcome the Hidden Hand Agenda. I know what to do. Alan Watt just runs his mouth and won’t give you the solution to the Fascist Global Government. I assure you he knows the solution and is keeping it to himself dude.

      Long pass fear monger Alan Watt. Our group is overstanding to overcome.

    • Listen up sheep. This is my blog so I’ll put your moronic reply in the category of you’ve got no friends. Alan Watt isn’t his real name. Alan Watt is his Borne Identified psyop tag. Please continue to eat his shit and drink his piss todd LR.

  11. If a guy with a map to a gold mine tried to give it to you, but you knew he wasn’t the one that drew the map would you turn it down? On the other hand like Alan Watt says ” it doesn’t matter where you get it.. just as long as you do”. So i’ve always wanted to ask why he gives us this garbage if he believes what he says.

    Be Shocked

    • When I first started listening to Alan Watt he said his presentations were free style because he didn’t have anything planned ahead. It was then obvious he talks about the same things over and over again. I listened for three years, stopped listening. I check his audios about once every four months and most of it is the same BS over and over again.

      • Well, it should then lead you to conclusion that it is all quite simple as he often says. Means you were never ready to start implementing the philosophy on your own existence since you were trying to “hear it all” before you do. There: stop trying because you might just not be the one who gets there.

  12. I said above last year that about 55% of what he says is nutters. I owe it to him to say I’ve changed my mind. A year later I’d have to say about 75% of what he says is more or less true and I would rather he be doing the analysis than men like David Icke.

    I disagree with watt in some important areas and obviously when he gets into (rarely) talking the history of theology and philosophy) where is is out of his depth (this is my area) as is the editor of this website, judging by his comments. But where Watt knows his stuff he knows his stuff. Where he gets even some of the political analysis wrong, well, who doesn’t? Better that a sentinel be over-vigilant than sleeping altogether. So I have changed my tune in some respects and I note it here in justice to him.

    Here’s a little fire for scarecrow:

  13. Here’s 6 major lies propogated by Alan that reveal him to a subtle NWO Theosophist: 1) the Israelites never existed prior to the Babylonian captivity (as well as Hebrew) = a lie (google the Merneptah Stella) 2) the Old T Was First Written in Egypt in Greek For the JEWS Around 300-100 BC (he’s talkin about the Septuagint. = A Lie, the Septuagint doesn’t exist (youtube: ‘The Myth Behind the Mythical Septuagint’) 3) Israel = Isis Ra El (Alan maintains this Jordan Maxwell bullshit lie (Youtube: Debunking Jordan Maxwell) 4) Jesus the Man didnt Exist = A Lie. 39 extra-Biblical Sources Mention Him, including Tacitus, who Alan uses as a source for the legends of the elite Druids surviving some catastrophe 5) At the Council of Nicea Constantine Hammered Out Christian Dogma = A lie (the whole New Testament was already decided before Nicea (youtube: the Council of Nicea Debunked 6) Alan Props Up the Zeitgeist Theosophical Lie of Astro-Theology = A Lie (youtube: Astro-Theology Debunked).

  14. Hey Sovereign Joe,

    have you seen who Kealey’s getting/got married to?

    Arizona Wilder (can’t remember her real name) !! The mother godess of blood drinking shape shifting walking crocodiles aah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa

    • sovereignjohn

      Is Glen Kealey getting married to Arizona Wilder or did he get married to her?
      There’s a huge difference there. One he’s marrying into this thinking the other he left that thinking.

  15. But Icke’s been there first.


  16. If you cannot identify with the message, then it’s almost like you never lived in the states or grew up in the Rock-n-Roll fantasy. If you don’t know anything about this, then it’s obvious, either you’re a foreigner, totally drugged down, or quite frankly an intelligence operative. I suggest you read a little bit, John, or god forbid, check out something like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You’ll get a taste of where we have been and where we are right now. It’s obvious you never lived in or around NYC, because you really cannot relate to what this guy is saying. That’s all, don’t stress it out so much. Just give the guy some space. You know, I get the feeling you’re pulling one of those old East Coast / West Coast controversies … or it just sounds like you’re from out of town.

      • If you disagree with his theology, philosophy, and history, then fine. But why are you so perturbed by his reading of articles from the “vermin” in the mainstream media (as Michael Alan Weiner Savage would say)? Perhaps look at his reading of the articles as a presentation of the evidence which he has collected to support his position.

        It’s true that to some he is there for the “hard of thinking,” i.e., for those who need the articles spoon-fed to them and broken down at an infantile level to understand the agenda.

        You know, I’ve been involved in healthcare and education for decades in Massachusetts. I cannot recall a single article from his broadcast which disagrees with what I myself have encountered firsthand, especially in Boston. Trust me. He’s spot on. The social engineers are absolutely disgusting. I have extreme contempt for them, especially regarding the hypersexualization of children and the promotion of child on child sex. Disgusting.

        (Visit to see one facet of the NWO’s agenda.)

        But I am suspicious of Alan Watt (or whatever he calls himself). First of all, I doubt he is poor. Wherever Alex Jones (or his crew) filmed that documentary with Watt was quite nice. I recall it was by a picturesque lake with pines. Now, another problem with Watt is his incessant begging at the beginning of each and every broadcast for funding. It is so irritating. There has to be some product or service out there which he could promote. Not everything is *that* bad Alan. And it’s also true that he is long on complaints and short on solutions. But don’t expect everyone to be talented in all areas. Some may see him as nothing but a complainer, a whiner. Nothing more. But that’s why I tune in.

        In regards to his being a musician…where’s the discography? Moreover, one cannot knows for certain whether he himself is playing the guitar on those Christmas blurbs. He ought to videotape it.

        He’ll mention at times something alone the lines of how the ruling elite have a handful of rules which must never be broken: (1) never fail by any means necessary and (2) make the plans known ahead of time to the public. The public must always be told of the agenda through at least news or fiction.

        It should be clear to all how Alan Watt himself is fulfilling #2.

        In all, listen to Alan Watt with caution.

        (Michael left a comment about receiving packages with an Estaire address on them. Was that the return address or the code for the facility at which the mail was first received? Anyone can mail a package with a return address of GA from PA without any problems. But the sorting codes will show the true origin.)

  17. pseudoccultmedia et al.
    Begging was foreign to me as well. By all metrics, as the middle class looses their service job they will be reacquainted with the process in due time. LongJohn leans on character assassination with an obstinacy that is reflected in the chem-trail sky. We can see for ourselves in mainstream news how the agenda is. It takes psychopaths of all strata to commit these crimes against humanity. The consequence now clear to us all shows that the system of laws has evaporated and we are left outflanked and defenseless. Alan Watt is as well but for the fact that these many years of informing us puts him first on the list of refugees made by the NWO. LongJohn is a dog that has followed the scent to his enemies lair and wishes to rend watts left.

      • I visited this address,seeking information, as I became aware Alan Watts and Alan Watt might be different people(I previously thought Youtube clip title discepencies a result of mis-labelling,as they(Alan Watts and and Alan Watt),have similar appearances and similar accents,especially considering looks and accents change over time).

        Is Alan Watt(especially if he has given himself a new name) a stooge here to discredit Alan Watts,or is Alan Watt trying to ride on Alan Watts name,or is Alan Watt paying homage to Alan Watts,or is it co-incidence?

        I compared religious systems(and systems generally)over a number of Years and apart form rare illiteracies((and it could just as easily be me whom is illiterate,Alan himself(or was it Alan Watts)said definitions of words are constantly being change/altered/manipulated))it seems,unfortunately, what Alan Watt says rings true.

        Alan Watt is taking a bit of a(verbal/typed)beating here.
        Some people typed he just rambles and doesn’t provide facts.
        It seems to me he is often and regularly providing “facts’ and their details which can be researched(if you don’t look into a claim,yet poo-poo,it there is something wrong with you(you are experiencing a knee jerk reaction) or you are a ‘çounter intelligence’ agent)
        I admit I haven’t investigated whether or not specifics of his claims are true,as,based upon my previous studies,it seems he is providing information.

        We all plagiarise to greater or lesser extent.
        Does it matter where information comes from,if it is information and not mis-information.?

        People whom visit the sit might find Alan Watts(Watts rather than Watt) of some interest.

        Follow your bliss,enjoy.

  18. This is turning to crap. I don’t personally give a toss about whether people are going pack DVD’s in envelopes or not. Who the hell wants a future that revolves around whatever can be done over the Internet? We are already in the process of giving them an excuse to put in the “kill switch” to protect bank details. Is that the future? Information illegal, commerce rules OK? As for co-operatives, they were all snapped up by the Elitists at rock bottom prices. If this is going to be left to the masses to sort out, we’re done for. I’ve tried co-operatives, they turn to shit in front of your eyes. As for Watts, he does nothing but read the papers these days and his begging is becoming more and more insistent. As for Glen Kealy? Well I’m prepared to give him a chance, by first impressions are often wrong but with him……………………….well!

    • Alan Watt seems to be burnt out period.He has presented no new information and has not evolved.Perhaps that is why he is no longer invited on other shows and why he was dismissed at Red Ice.He appeared to be quite knowledgeable about the occult when he was with Jackie Petru.Because this NWO follows an occult agenda ,I would think Mr.Watt would elaborate instead of reading newspaper articles.I also think he wastes a lot of time on those stupid poems.Other than that,Icannot see a lot of preparation time as he states to do that 47 minutes of air time.

  19. If your ears can hear and your eyes can see (esoteric) he will count for something when you won’t. We all burn out and the young know it least. As for his expertise, he would drown most of us belligerent wimps. His call to survive needs to be augmented with a survival plan that provides sustenance for hamish and himself (grow your own food via hydroponics, get a couple of goats). You can contribute some $ to him if that is still an option.
    As he moves into winter (Sudbury) and they are getting longer, his needs are more critical. What articles he is commenting on is the road map to our prison.
    Ignorance may be bliss, but what you don‟t know can hurt you.

  20. Lots of opposing viewpoints here.

    Lots of opposing viewpoints everywhere.

    May the force be with you!

    Same as it ever was, …

    • That, …I stumbled onto this site while doing a google search on Alan. He was the topic of conversation on another thread as one who seemed to be rated one of the most popular writers in this area of discussion. As expected, …I found a lot on him and the the hammer seemed to swing in the direction that another poster said it would.

      However, …upon arriving here, I found some typical juvenile banter that usually exists on these types of forums. I guess it is something that those of us who enjoy conducting semi-meaningful discussion will have to endure.

      What caught my eye was that this was a private blog and yet the owner was allowing not only opposing viewpoints to be published but some of them were quite caustic. Something that we expect to view on the unrestricted public type threads, hardly ever on a private blog. It’s been my experience that private blog owners are far too sensitive for that.

      Kudos again to Sovereign John!

      As far as being part of your ongoing discussion about Alan, …I got nothing.

  21. Interesting discussion, but I agree with the drifter, nothing proven one way or the other here. Alan Watt is interesting to listen to, but who knows what his motivations are. I try to listen to the message, not the messenger.

    • Alan Watt has been flapping his gums for over thirty years and hasn’t changed a thing. It suddenly dawned on me that those listening to him are doing nothing else but “listening” everyday of the week and nothing else. Arm chair couch potatoes who listen to Alan Watt, Alex Jones and David Icke, that’s their day. Real rebellious group!

      • John, you seem like an intelligent man, so you should know that you can’t sum up a group of people with a sweep of the same brush. Facts motivate people to act, so any source of truth is a positive thing. The question is how much of what these people say is actually truth?!

      • dan, I go by the post where people claim to have listened to Alan Watt for years and plan to keep listening. Alan Watt gives his listeners a huge excuse, the system is rigged by the powerful people. I bet not one Alan Watt listener is involved with our #ows movement. 😉

      • I doubt that your ‘not one’ statement is true. Again, sweeping generalizations are seldom accurate. And again, I think knowledge is a good thing either way.

      • Sovereign John –

        While you were out oiling your guns (or whatever your form of “rebel action” is) – we who still read, listen and value information/news – stopped SOPA from passing, so welcome back to the internet and free information thanks to us couch potatoes. This IS an information war, ask Timothy McVeigh… oh wait he dead now because he fell into a rebellious sting op, which has effectively guilt-laden any government critique since 1995 and accelerated the police state evolution. Now help us with CISPA instead of whining over some guys using/reusing some other guys material.

      • I’m a member of the EEF and helped stop SOPA. I organized online and offline. I’m 60yrs old and I was online before there was an “Internet”. You’re too stupid to realize this is my blog so I must be aware of the data age. Again, I was fighting CISPA long before you were born. I suppose you think this is the first time the 1% has tried this shit. Let’s see if you can handle the truth about the agenda, read CyberInterNetic2052 at It’s a site of mine.

    • Dan, did you notice the “I bet” if front of the state to which you refer. it’s conjure not a statement of fact. I bet not one Alan Watt listener is true as I do think that, which is how the statement was made. I no longer listen to anyone like Alan Watt. or Glen Kealey. If anything these two along with Fintan Dunne and David Icke are CIA agents. Anyone who says the answer is out there is misleading you.

  22. Dan: Did you notice that your “I doubt” statement, was followed by “Sweeping generalization are seldom accurate” and you “Think” “Knowledge is a good thing either way” What the hell does that mean?

  23. I think the truth is this: If you find the common denominator between all of these people, Icke, Watt, Jones, Tsarion, etc. you find that the real truth is no one knows. The truest think alan watt said was the truth does not come tailor made to fit everyone. I believe the real truth is no one is going to tell you, or show you the truth. The truth must always come from yourself. It just seems like all the theories out there just lead up to constant arguing between people. Well maybe thats just how things are. Everyone is just here to find their own way. Maybe thats what it is all about. Sure we can find common truths about the present agenda and we can all agree that the NWO is real, but ultimate truth comes from within, and I think the point to all of the killing and mind control, and stuff is just to keep the people looking to the outside forces. the whos, the whats, the whens, the wheres, the whys. What if it the real choice we have to make is just to be the best we can be. If everyone did that i believe all the problems would be solved. I think the NWO mind controllers and brain lobotimizers, the standardizers, their purpose is just to take away from us the simple idea that maybe… its just so simple as.. being the best human you can be. Maybe nothing else really matters but that. Who really cares what the games scores are, who the president is, what the illuminati are, whether or not ufos are real. deep down i think the real solution is just changing yourself into your own authority and relating yourself to the outside world that keeps your attention drawn out there so you never see what ultimately matters which is you. they teach us to disrespect our own bodies with nasty food and cigarettes and drugs. disrespect other people. so we really dont even love ourselves at all. i think if we learned to love our own body and mind and then acted as if we really did care about ourselves and how affect the world around us, then we would know the ulitmate truth and i think it is that we are really just lost and without love because we forgot how to love ourselves and think of ourselves as really important creative emotional beings with really really high standards of good and bad. i just think we forgot it all and the NWO is making it like that. hope this is readable. i dont agree or disagree with anyones comments on here. I just would like to say to people, what if, just what if, all the evils in the world start with the individual. maybe we should all look at ourselves deeply and be honest. I believe i dont know ANYTHING. and i accept that fact that i really cant, no matter how hard i try to look and analyze and research, i will never know the real truth because all i can really know is how i affect the world in my own time and existance. i think that is the ultimate truth.
    thank you for reading. please people become the best you can be. love yourself. then love others the same and all troubles will leave the earth.

    • one thing is right, if you act always with a good motivation and always on reasonable evidence, it will feel great and your surroundings will improve. I’m skeptic though to “the ultimate truth from within” kind of idea. I think it’s dangerous if the reader/listener gets it wrong. Truth lies in the world/consciousness and one has to now about that one single truth for ones actions to have a good effect. That goes independent of what motivations one has. If you accept that there is only conclusion – keep finding evidence and act on it, don’t go with some “ultimate truth from within” – that is an emotion and it doesn’t last forever.

      otherwise, good point about that we easily forget to be aware of our feelings and setting realistic standards or timeframes, it’s good to remember oneself about that sometimes.

  24. justapasserby
    November 10, 2011 at 12:19 am
    I think the truth is this: If you find the common denominator between all of these people, Icke, Watt, Jones, Tsarion, etc. you find that the real truth is no one knows. The truest think alan watt said was the truth does not come tailor made to fit everyone.
    When I walk my dog in the evening twilight, watching the occasional bat fly over my head. Listening to the bark of a dog in the distance. Enjoying the sight of the rising moon and the setting sun. Being assailed by the stench of a wild pig rotting in the undergrowth and all that other vibration stuff. I recognise that nothing else matters and I enjoy my sense of liberty. However I then think of my friends, whom were of the opinion that they had found a niche for themselves on the fringe of society, living quietly in their yorts, on private land, with the permission of the owner until the bankers man, from the local department of Sustainable Development turned up, with police support and kicked them out and impounded the yorts. Now I am not too sure, how finding a common denominator between all of the aforementioned Gurus, is going to give you an insight into how to react, when you come face to face, in that manner with the NWO. But that’s just me. You see these folk appear to be making a living out of talking. From where I am standing I see only real threats from the imposition of regulations in which I was given no choice. That is reality. Not endless drivel about Bankers from Babylon and Shape Shifters. All of that is for our free time after we have saved the world. I did however, enjoy your comment. Nice one.

  25. I agree that Watt is probably a paid disinfo agent. Why he gets as much exposure as he does makes little sense otherwise. He simply looks and acts contrived. His character is not even very creative. Thanks i enjoyed reading the blog.

  26. justapasserby has laid out the human elements when not contrived by sophistry speaks to the heart of man. It’s tough sledding these days and to my understanding it hasn’t been more tough in modern times. There is so much pressure to react badly as we are daily being informed of a heartless totally corrupt doctrine. Those acting out are as close to demonic as anyone could imagine although HOLLYWOOD has a powerful awareness of it’s intricacies. It’s all out there to seen and as I remember from some Buddhist teachings, we understand what is, at a depth peculiar to our abilities.
    Please add to your resources

  27. i cant believe some of you recommended Glen Kealey over Alan Watt. Im sure most people build up their online personality or pen name and embellish it some and im sure Watt is no different .. but i was highly disappointed looking into Kealy ..imo that guy is a bona-fide kook, codes in the english words ect my god, i felt IQ points wisping out my ears trying to digest that guy .. but it does make me feel better about Allen Watt and i pretty much label this blog as a psy-op – interesting this no count blog comes up on a Watt search at the top (no offence everybody has their opinion right)


      Really, my blog came up first on a search? That’s great to hear! Which search did you use?

      Unlike your Alan Watt I really am a married man who is just a wordpress hosted blogger. I can’t even afford to host my own blog. Alan Watt has been given a national/international stage and you think I’m the psy-ops agent? Can you get any dumber?

  28. We’re all psy-ops agents mate. All my posts are peppered with words of power. Give us some money Guv. May your dog or your god go with you. Must go now. Got to climb a tree to fix my interweb connection. Bloody Yahoo!

    Warning! Reading this comment will fry your brain.

  29. I wish someone would nail “Alan Watt” (something tells me that aint his real name) once and for all. Gut instinct says he belongs in the same camp as Jones, Icke et al. It has been alluded to before but I believe these so-called researchers are all “actors” playing a part – anyone else notice the laughter in their voices at times. Just who the hell is Watt, we really want to know, jeez even his holy bio doesn’t stack up. Just my 2c worth.

    • Hamish the dog This is the problem with people like Alan Watt. He has told his listeners early on in his career that he was a doctor, traveled with bands, wrote songs, and books. Do you know how long it takes to become a doctor? Then he goes off and becomes a studio musician and travels around as a background guitarist for bands? He must be hundreds of years old to have live all this!! LOL.

      It doesn’t matter to those of us who have moved on from the jokers you’ve mentioned. Nobody but armchair pundits think spending years listen to someone on the radio is any kind of revolutionary action. One needs to get out on the streets and start thinking for one’s self while collecting knowledge actually participating in our own lives not listen to some blow hard on the radio. Even if everything an Alan Watt or David Icke said is true what has a listener of these to ass clowns ever done to make for a better world. I suspect nothing. They live at home with their mothers listen to Alan Watt tell them how they haven’t succeeded because of the big plot to keep them down. Keep them down? They’ve never tried to stand up on their own two feet in their lives. rofl

    • Ever figured that since he’s 30 years ahead of the average (internet) truth-seeker he also realized putting all his real-life info discoverable on the internet is a bad idea a long time ago? I have.

      • Alan Watt attracts people Who think listening to Alan Watt is all they need to do. never seen any evidence any Alan Watt listener ever done anything but sit on their ass listening to Alan Watt year in and year out.

  30. I don’t want to spend any time too refute the fallacies these last few posts have levied. Suffice to say that an education is useful when reading them. The Trivium system helps take out the false pausity and contradictions by stting as your task to understand exactly what the words mean. If they do assess the logic as to how complete it is whereas you will most likely find more research is needed. Kick it back to us so we can enjoy that information as well.
    It is useful to note that Allan Watt hit the newspaper for clues and explanations for the inhuman treatment we have seen done to others in our lifetime. He supports what he see’s there with references that we would need to have read to make a judgement. The Club of Rome; what is it, where did it come from, how does it survive (hundreds of years), when will you know it’s influence. Lots of reading and it’s an eye opener big time.

    • Are you kidding me enochered? Apparently where the wordpress folks are it’s Winter Solstice. It’s their blog hosting so they the snow flakes reflect their time of year not yours. Congratulations on the surf. Unfortunately you have to live in Oz to enjoy it. I’d rather freeze in Indiana than be with you mate. ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..”

  31. Don’t worry Blue, I don’t give a Fair Dinkum about OZ. Lot of my family live down there but for me, no thanks. The real point of my comment was “Christmas” remember “Christmas?” It’s not the Winter Solstice it is CHRISTMAS. So may I wish you and your family, A Very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been great fun taking part in the great Alan Watt debate and may it continue to be so. enochered.

    • Christmas is a made up fantasy about a Santa Claus for Adults, Yahveh, Jehovah, Jesus. The Winter Solstice is a scientific term for the point in the Earth’s orbit where on Dec 21st occurs the longest night after which the days start to get progressively longer. Winter Solstice is a demarkation. Christmas is a celebration of a Myth. Is not real. Has no real purpose other than to promote a superstitious religion. Please grow up and realize, there is no Santa Claus for children or for adults.

  32. We know all that guff, Alan Watt explains it all the time, however we can still enjoy ourselves, can’t we? It stopped being any more than a Bank Holiday years ago, but it brings the kids back home for a few days. Anyway its the only time of the year I open a “tinny” or two.

    I don’t really give a toss about Christmas, but I do want the freedom to celebrate, if that is what I choose to do. I do not want any creepy little character like Gorbechev telling me that I am going to be obliged to adopt some sort of New Age religion devised by the likes of him and his playmates. So I suppose, in your case I will have to apologise and withdraw my best wishes to you and your family. Never mind. All the best!

    • When you wish me an offensive Satanic Marry Christmas that crosses the line of your personal celebration. Celebrate however you want. Leave the rest of us out of it and we’ll get along fine.

  33. I understood the winter solstice which has been celebrated since time immemorial to be Pagan, which is why the solstice had Christmas attached to it. There is certainly nothing satanic about it. Perhaps you were confusing Satanic with Luciferian? No matter, I had no idea that Political Correctness had advanced to the point where we must be careful how we offer our best wishes, in case it breeches some rule as ridiculous as the rules which decided the Salman Rushdie should have Fatwah taken out against him. I must watch my back. Up Yours mate!

  34. And I don’t like the title of you blog, Deep Shit Media. You are using a swear word and I don’t want to read swear words. How can you call yourself a Christian, you douchebag. Don’t use the word ‘Shit’! Can’t you use a better word? Why? This site is packed with assholes and I can’t take it anymore. What conspiracy guru will you worship next you pathetic fags.

  35. Ah, in this scientific reality sense of the word, that’s true. No argument there but truth is subjective when your talking about the individual reality a person experiences. Each and everyone of us will reach a different conclusion, uniquely shaped by our internal and external environments. In that sense, truth is quite intangible don’t you think?

    • your epistemological stance rests on the fact that most truth-able statements seems to include assumptions about context, however the assumptions can be ignored in communication practice since we usually know about those assumptions by culture. The assumption help us to properly define the “actual” or specific statement of the statement, even without conscious thought. I believe Heidegger has a stance somewhat like this, but not sure.

      Otherwise, if you are in to ontological stuff like “all is consciousness” and have for example a solipsistic view of the world then you should realize that the only way for you to be able to communicate properly with others is if you don’t snag on the semantics of the word subjective.

  36. C’mon felas, it’s not about subjectivity but whether what lies in the subject and predicat is implicit and or explicit. The understanding derived from that has a gauntlet yet to be tested through.
    The Trivium is Grammar, Logic and then Rhetoric whereby all the contradicitions are removed. After this, we then can speak the truth.

  37. Alan Watt is a kook and con artist, so is Glen Kealey. Watt is only slicker talker and better on his stuff, then Kealey and to think that he got his material from him, is really ridiculous. From troglodyte man? Please… Stop smoking what you’re smoking and try to return to fucking reality. You call yourself after all TRUTH seekers?

    Have you watched a clip, where Alex Jones interviews Watt in his home? Guy lives in a nice house with a garden, for fuck’s sake. You guys are suckers.

    Besides, anyone who associate with slimeball like Alex “arabs control Hollywood” Jones is an disinfo agent, period.

  38. Personally i like Alan Watt’s shows. Unlike the shill Alex Jones(but is a good starting point if you keep looking deeper) there is no ranting. He just reviews story’s in the media(Alt and Main Stream).
    His not getting rich off this, unlike Jones.
    You can hear in his voice to Scottish accent its faint but there.
    Made his money before he started his shows and he likes words and using them. He looks for story’s and gets them sent to him to look at from listeners, all this takes time and effort. He said many at time that he reads between the lines in some story’s. He’s well read in history and geo politics.

    Don’t get mixed up Alan Watt and Alan Watts.

    My fav show is Max Igan but each to there own.. but reviewing to media Watt i find the best..

    There seems to be a lot of goatdancers on

    • Sorry you like Alan Watt’s horse shit. He’s been peddling it for over twenty years, nothing he’s done has changed a thing. He bitches from his arm chair just like his do nothing listeners. Alan Watt used to call Alex Jones a disinfo agent. Now Alan appears on Alex Jones quite often. Alan Watt and Alex Jones are scammers who want you to sit on your ass and listen to them bitch while doing nothing about anything.

      Good luck with that,
      freeaudionetwork Editor

  39. I remember when Alex Jones (on his show) was inquiring to Allan about what tensions there might be between them. Allan has said many times his revenue stream is neutered because he does not sell fear in whatever means media can be used to do that. Alex does. The response to Alex is the same as it is for all of us who listen. It cramps his style. If you chose to look further you will note that his ethics is his style. He needs cash as we all do, but his needs are modest because prostitution is something he doesn’t do heartily. Even warning us of the creeping barrage all power centers are enveloping this human being with can test the notion. When we go down with the ship a element of our failure to survive has to do with our ethics. You are all needed to defend your selves and empower others. Don’t shrink from those who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. They are psychopaths or scared shit less.
    Sudbury in Northern Ontario has a 4 month growing season. He needs to invest a little into hydroponics. By the way the landscape was used by NASA to test their Lunar Rover. The land is acidic to the MAX (sulfur out the smoke stacks, used to refine/process nickel and copper).
    Good luck everyone..

  40. lenitivelea, you are more than right. It’s easy to get caught looking in the mirror. These many problems have more to do with our inaction. You may have heard of freeman on the land (.com) or Dean Clifford (very instructive on youtube and has done very good audio interviews).
    Max Igan in Conversation with Dean Clifford

  41. Beware of anyone who proclaims to be the arbiter of truth and solution.

    I once listened regularly to Alex Jones, now only very rarely because he can be amusing. Alex’s purely emotional approach helped wake me up but I now find him to be part of the problem. Still, I appreciate being awoken.

    I listen to Alan Watt but with less frequency because, like some of the commentators here, I am getting less out of it. Alan helped me, in contrast to Alex, realize the primacy of my individuality and I appreciate that too. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me where his information comes from, a case of message over messenger because ultimately I will decide for myself.

    If not for these two, I would’ve remained asleep and never discovered new sources of information, such as this blog. If not for these two, I would not be actively seeking a solution for myself. I would suspect many people have had a similar trajectory and so am not so quick to dismiss Alex and Alan out of hand, despite taking issue with their approaches and information. I am not so sure that the public, indoctrinated as they are, would respond to the cold truth even though it is objectively true (although I admit they may be substituting one indoctrination for another.)

    Best regards.

    • +1

      …and in case you haven’t checked in while… the alex jones show has progressed a lot the last 6 months with the much better focused nightly news, new reporters/hosts, quality guests, full length clips and exploding view numbers. For example check this one out with Billy Corgan Hell, it’s worth paying a quick visit just to see Aaron Dykes’ 90 lbs weight loss 😉


      • I’m busy doing real active actions. I don’t need to have listened to Alex Jones for the last twenty years to know what,s going on. I was born with a basin, comprehension, common sense and a desire for research. I don’t need paid shills giving me the official alternative media “news”.

        99.99% of altmedia listeners have never put their beers down or gotten theirvasses off the couch to do anything but go to their approved job provided by the system and attend approve entertainment venues such as, approved Corpoate owned sports, approved Corporate owned movies, tv shows, radio broadcast (altmedia included) etc, etc.

        I’m going back to our activism now, none of which we share with alt media rubes. Why? Because you can’t handle the truth. Go read 1984 and believe you know what’s going on.


    • Well said….. (too much negativity here also)…. agreed that neither Watt nor Jones (nor anyone) is a solution…. each must find their own way out of this maze….

  42. Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. So what if Alan Watt gets his data from others, don’t we all ? This culture of control goes back centuries and so do the people writing and speaking about it. Personally I like Watt’s calm approach but I also read and watch videos from many other sources and there’s not one of them with whom I agree totally. Icke is a good example earlier he talked about reptileans and it was pretty whacky stuff, who or what group manipulated him I don’t know but I’m sure it was to put ALL his work into disrepute but I refused to write him off completely because I could see that most of his data was legit. We must be discerning. We can write it all off when we find the fly in the ointment or can can believe it all both leaves us with nothing. The middle road is best travelled.

    • I doubt any listener of Alan Watt has changed the world. All that Alan Watt, Alex Jones and David Icke listeners do is arm chair bitch. That’s been my experience. I’ve moved on from people who merely whine every day to people of action.

      • People involved with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. We have a local OWS in my area. We hold street demonstrations. People who hold political town halls. People who hand out pamphlets and build community actions. Working at a local food bank. Community co-operative organizers. Just to name a few.

  43. MAX IGAN, Gnostic Media, Tragedy and Hope (.com), Webster Tarpley, James Corbett, Global Research and Alan Watt.
    He happens to be a realist.
    That is what he has to offer and he doesn’t make any bones of it.
    These many others aren’t so tempered. They are innovating using the heart and the head. What the slaves of gold and power have been up to and are doing now is gorging themselves. Your spirit, your security, your needs is what they want. When your head’s connection to your heart (empathy) is broken, a condition they fall under is as a ‘hungry ghost’. It is relentless.
    Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad. Euripides

    • Tragedy and Hope (.com) is excellent – only found it a few weeks ago: John Taylor Gatto interview (5 hours) is spectacular…. must watch….

  44. The fact is you cannot mention these names in a “main stream” conversation. Either they know what you are talking about or they react reflexively against you because they have been taught to hate those people. If you say something like aspartame is poisonous and point them to an alex jones video, they are simply unable to watch it, because of the heavy conditioning against anything except what they have been told to think. So, you have a division in society between the 90% of people that are on an unconscious suicide mission and the rest who can discuss real problems like health issues, chem trails, pollution, the new world order and the like.

  45. The veil of ignorance my circle of human beings cling to dissolves when food or nutrition is discussed. They all know processed foods don’t support the healthy being nor even the vegetables shipped from California or Florida. Corporate production of chickens or pigs and even cows have earned an awful reputation. Some facts: Monsanto has created wheat that is undergoing another transformation. The modified wheats that are killing us have been around since the 1950’s and the high gluten content is directly linked to a broad range of diseases.

    Consider; New evidence indicates that the hybrid versions of grains we eat today contain significantly more gluten than traditional varieties of the same grains. Experts such as Dr. Alessio Fasano, medical director of the Center for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, believe this recent increase in the amount of gluten in our diet has given rise to the number of people suffering from gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

    According to Fasano, “The prevalence of celiac disease in this country is soaring partly because changes in agricultural practices have increased gluten levels in crops.” He further states, “We are in the midst of an epidemic.”

    Also USDA plans to keep feeding ‘pink slime’ to your kids

    Alan Watt can’t save anyone who doesn’t want to save themselves. The influence of TV or radio, papers and magazines ought to be zero. I listen to Rex Murphy on CBC and Carol Off who have much blood on their hands. They are shills or gate keepers much like our politicians. As Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media says, “stop supporting the media which lies to you all the time and support the ‘alternative media’ that earnestly tries to get to the bottom of what is truth”

    • Alan Watt has been yammering on and on for decades. He’s caused no one to take action. Listeners to Alan Watt sit on their asses drinking beer. I’ve seen no changes caused by Allan Watt Radio Show that has benefited human life. He’s a infotainment scammer. He knows full well the only thing that will come of this radio show is listeners will waste their life sitting on their asses claiming they are more aware than anyone else because they listen to huckster Alan Watt. “Alternative Media” broadcasts such as Alex Jones and Allan Watt are licensed by the Government.

      Since listeners of “Alternative Media” have never taken any self motivated action, preferring to think that drinking beer and sitting on their ass while listening to “Alternative Media” is a revolutionary act. For all the good it does you might as well be watching “I Love Lucy”. Listeners have never done anything to improve this world and they never will. They love sitting on their ass complaining while others take action.

      After not one single change resulting from his over 20 years on the radio Allan Watt has got to be a shill. An honest man who seeks to change the world would change course and do something more constructive.

      • I doubt that. You may have entered Alex Jones” in a search engine and one of my tens of sites came up but that wasn’t Alex jones doing, that was my doing putting Naming the names of shills for the agenda in my articles, posts and comments. Apparently you need to learn how this Internet works. Concider this reply your first lesson.

  46. Sovereign John, you have quite a bizarre outlook on life. After listening to an Alan Watt interview, I started to study Darwin and Huxley, Rothschilds etc. It’s opened a whole new door in my mind to the realization that global governance has been and is being pushed by families through generations. The question is: why don’t YOU get off your ass and do something? What you going to do? Start a revolution? Get some common sense please, along with some FACTS that Alan is an agent.

    Seems to me, all you’re doing is sitting on your ass complaining about no one doing anything. You think Alan Watt is superman or something? You compare him to Alex Jones which shows you do not research, he is NOTHING like Alex. Alex does not like naming names, Alan does. He links the problems to the cause. If you’re waiting for someone else to do something, you’re doing it wrong and will be waiting a long time.

  47. This blog is a psy-op in of itself. You claim to expose Alan Watt, but you do nothing but insert your own NLP buzzwords into your rants. Occupy are a bunch of deluded fools that are led by a hook at the top. By your encouragement for “people living with their mothers” to go out and do something like Occupy, you are essentially going to get people hurt or killed by participating in this latest round of controlled opposition by TPTB. Occupy = fail, just like this blog. If your blog was real, it would have been buried a long time ago.

    • I see you’ve learned the new alternative media buzzword “NLP”. You altmedia rubes run around repeating altmedia hosts like Alex Jones & Alan Watt daring to call others sheep! Go back to your your CorpGov designed preperpaped, prepackaged bullshit.

      These alt networks run ads that Federal Reserve Notes are worthless and you need to get gold. So what do they want in exchange for their valuable gold? Worthless Federal Reserve Notes!!

      “ok, I love you, buh,bye”

  48. Since you seem to have some pretty strong views on some of the people in the so called truth movement how do you feel about Eustace Mullins?

    • Eustace Mullins seems well intended. I look at the world and ask, are these results of decades of “alternative media” gotten us a better world? What do you think scyy?

  49. Wow!! My first foray into Alan Watt today – to tell the truth I accidentally clicked on Alan Watts and was a little confused (but calm) at first. Anyhow, Sovereign John, I haven’t made my mind up yet (lots more listening to do) but I can’t help but note your reluctance to answer accusations that you repeatedly accuse the Alan Watt listeners of ‘sitting on their arses drinking beer’ …. smacks of elitism to me. You repeat yourself and offer no counter arguments – it’s almost a personal vendetta which makes me suspicious of you. In essence you appear to agree with Alan’s philosophy but are criminalising him. I’ll come back when I’ve read more.

    • How about Alan Watt listeners give me some evidence of anything activist, dissidents, protestors have done ascribed to Alan Watt or Alan Watt listeners. You’d think they’d email Alan Watt of their activities and he’d relay them via his “alternative” media The proof is in the lack of said action(s).

      I have several blogs, curation sites, I’m a member of the local Occupy Wall Street group and actively attend atheist conventions, secular action conventions, and work with others to do secular charity work. All an Alan Watt listener has ever told me is they listen to Alan Watt. Big deal. What are they doing with this data that they claim has enlightened so much? Absolutely nothing.

      Talk is cheap. You gotta walk the walk.

      Let Alan Watt and his groupies prove their claims of active enlightenment instead of sitting on their asses drinking beer and calling everyone else “Sheeple”.

      Thanks for your timE.

      • Many people are just starting to wake up…. before walking the walk one must know where to go – that means listening to Watt (whether you like his stuff or not) and others … the group of “news truthers” willing to put their face on air is small…. perhaps Watt is infotainment ….perhaps they all are….but is that the wrong place to start ?…. Each person will listen – understand what they will / can – and make their decisions.

      • Picking up bad habits from the start isn’t a good idea. The problem with Alan Watt and others is their listeners seem to think listening every day Mon-Fri is all they need to do. I’ve never met anyone who is active that was a listener of Alan Watt. Alan Watt only encourage arm chair activism and he knows it! Why listen to someone miles away. Fina a local activist group in your area and get active. Even if the group is a hundred miles away that would be closer to someone spewing cliches on the radio!

  50. Ok, I’ve been busy reading and conclude that whether you believe or not the following advice is sound. If the power is as far reaching as you all claim, then you’re screwed anyway. Survival is the key and to do that you’ll need a mora knife, a good axe and some bushcraft skills. Stop gassing and learn how to survive outside the matrix. I hate like hell to burst your bubbles but you’ve got more pressing worries than NWO. Check out CME (coronal mass ejections) these babies are going to fuck you up way sooner than the ‘masons’. They’re gonna be fucked up too so might solve all your problems. At the least, the electronics they rely on to control their power base are going to be fried long enough for their empires to collapse around their ears giving us peasants (with survival skills) an opportunity to disappear along with the national grid 🙂

  51. Hey buddies, I been listening to Alan Watt for the best part of 20 (twenty) years and he is still saying: “We haven’t got much time left, if we are quick we may be able to head them of at the pass.” lol This is kinda like Alex Jones and the shit is about to hit the fan but it’s always like 6 months away, giving us enough time to stock up on seeds, water filters, hunting caps and high-quality dvds lol You know what, I am beginning to think that it is all a load of bullshit!

  52. Hi. I listen to Alan Watt (started in January). What he talks about I always had sneaking suspicions of anyway. I mean the orchestrated plans to break up family units, sexualise children at young ages etc et al. You are entitled to your opinion Sovereign John and I respect that. You say that not a single listener to Alan Watt has ever done a single thing. I have. You see all of those things that you have done? I have done that too (albeit with a different scope to your selections). Not only this, I have recruited (awakened?) two others who now work with me.

    Their mission is to awake two others each and see if they can. Every militia or group that listens to Alan Watt and is preparing for the future is doing something positive. Every person that listens then gets out, makes connections, alliances and forms friendships for the years to come is doing something. I could be childish and argue that I have done three times the amount you have but shall not.

    On the argument that Alan Watt gives out no solutions I am afraid I have to argue against that as well. He only needs to give out one piece of wisdom (and he has, repeatedly) on what you need to do to defeat that which is against us. Do not watch the TV. If you must watch, watch critically. In an earlier post you claimed to be 60 years of age. This seems to run contrary to your claim that everyone who listens to Alan Watt are fat, sofa-bound shut-ins that live with their parents. Perhaps I have just been conditioned to think that someone of that age would be slightly more mature in their assertions. If so that is my fault.

  53. Cybernetic future?
    Your mention of Piers Corbyn’s web site therefore by extent his SLAT process to analyze and prognosticate via his science is telling. His predictive process of weather events around the world with great accuracy well out front of those events speaks to an understanding of vital elements we are all subject to.
    HAARP is ELF, EMF and demonstrably (patents) it works the electro magnetic fundamentals of our worlds forces. HAARP is a military project that with psycho analytics (or any damn excuse) has enveloped MK Ultra. We are all being influenced by hook and crook. Give a listen to Nick Begich or read his book, Angels Dont Play This HAARP. Being a compartmentalized researcher is not a positive direction taken by anyone anymore right now.

  54. Well, Sovereign John, what can Watt advocate? Sabotaging TV transmitters? Assassinate a Rothschild at their summer retreat in Northern Corfu? To incite others to crime is a crime in itself. I won’t go into specifics on what I do but I will say this. Watt says to keep away from conspiracy theories because they will have you going in circles forever. Instead he gives a reading list. I have read those books and passed them on. Now this is just my opinion, but giving someone a book is far more positive than demonstrating outside a bank.

    • I listened to alan watt for around a few years. I think that for total newcomers he’s a good start because he is provocative. He is good for debriding the most basic BS assumptions people typically have: you can trust the gov’t, money is a benign institution, doctors/teachers are always in your best interest, religion is real or at least good, etc. Now as for the fine details of occult things and the meaning of a lot of the more “advanced studies”? Yea i would imagine he’s full of it. I would still consider him better than fox news or CNN. Even if most of what alan watt says is a lie, that still makes him better than mainstream media where everything they say is a lie.

      Ok i know of this blog people don’t believe you generally when you say stuff like this but i’ll just say it. I talked to glen kealey personally, its very easy to do, just look up his number on his website and he’ll talk to you if you call. He said that alan used to call him a few times a week for a year or so and would “pick his brains” about various things. I’m pretty sure alan watt is actually in estaire or was at least in canada at one people and is actually poor because kealey said that alan “drove a truck that you could see the road through the floorboards with”. Kealey was very difficult to follow because his theories were so spectacular and grand in scope. He spoke of an ancient war between scientific underground beings and humans. He said how these beings would use living supercomputers composed of savant humans that they abducted and bred. He talked about these creatures detonating some type of explosives underneath the tectonic plates and liquifying the basalt of the oceans thereby causing the mantle to spill into the crust. He said that the only place that would be spared on the earth would be a far northern “cap” of the planet, where incidentally his farm was northern enough for. I accidentally asked kealy how many people were on his farm and he became withdrawn and i quickly apologized ( i forgot about the paranoia). he said alan watt lectures at a high school level and he lectured at a “graduate” level. It was pretty outlandish what he said to me, i think the most disturbing part of the whole phone call was that the man didn’t really sound that full of it. it was like everything he said was not a lie but rather was simply unbelievable. My summary here is a brutally short and incomplete. I would recommend you all call sometime because he spins a good yarn. I mean yea most likely kealey is a lunatic, but i do not know for sure.

      Yea but in the practice of one’s life this is fairly useless i have to say. Unless you guys have underground vaults with hot women and food stocked up inside then i don’t really see the point of getting too worked up over this stuff. I mean yea don’t get vaccines, don’t believe the bullshit media, don’t support the wars, fuck the financial/monetary system, religion is false, they’ll always invent newer chains before they invent newer good inventions, buy/eat local, be mindful of what you eat, never trust the gov’t, the gov’t is evil both currently and all through history, know your occult symbology along with mythology of pretty much every major civilization through history, know various operating procedures for fraternities of any kind. GMO is evil so is monsanto, math and reading and thinking for yourself is cool, think critically. beyond that i can’t think of anything else to say.

      in conclusion i want to say that i respect all of your opinions, i hope none of you construe my message in any way as offensive or flame-worthy because thats really not what i meant to say. I am interested in being corrected always.


    • Great real. No one’s talking about violent acts. My claim is that Alan Watt listeners listen to Alan Watt and that’s all they do. They aren’t moved to participate in their communities. They aren’t moved to take to the streets or stop buying Corporate products. How many Alan Watt listeners have gone from buying their produce at the local Corporate Grocery Store to buying from local farmers and supporting free range livestock. You don’t need to get violent to change the world. The fact that’s your defense for people doing nothing shows just how out of touch Allan Watt listeners are.

    • Yeah we’re all going to read ourselves to change. Thomas Paine wrote pamphlets during the lead up to the Revolutionary War. Get it? Thomas Paine wrote expecting some kind of action as a result of his writing. It doesn’t have to be a Revolutionary War every time but reading then sitting on your couch is a waste of time. Why is that so hard to understand? You sit on your couch before listening to Alan Watt then you sit on your couch after listening to Allan Watt is the same as not ever hearing Allan Watt at all! Wise up.

  55. The bottom line is you claim that every single listener to Alan Watt does nothing. I know for a fact that you are wrong. Your parroting of the same phrase AD NAUSEA is stubborn and tiresome and makes me begin to wonder why you are so desperate to spread such negativity when I have – politely – proven that your assertion is wrong. I see that rather than apologise for such a broad-handed, ignorant remark, you would prefer to keep arguing.

    I will continue to educate, challenge and hopefully enlighten the people in my life. I wish you the very best of luck shouting outside banks and buying eggs from farmers.

    • You stated you couldn’t go into specifics about your activities so what proof did you offer that Alan Watt listeners are doing anything more than someone who has never heard of Alan Watt? None. Nada. Absolutely nothing. You pass around books and dare criticize an actual actions that make a difference, like buying eggs from local farmers instead of the giant Corporations. A person who has bought free range chickens and eats free range eggs has done more for the betterment of the world than all the Alan Watt listeners in all the world. Go back to reading your books and listening to Alan Watt. The rest of us are busy actually doing things to change the world. No Alan Watt required, just common sense and decency.

  56. Making people aware that chemtrails or that govt is constantly lying softly to everyone here in Canada is a tough sell but Alan gives courage to your choice when you put it on the table. Chemtrails here in BC has a 3 day effect to Ontario and Quebec. They stopped for nearly 4 days on the BC coast and rain (not enough) sprinkled on them. The planes started again and with gusto. Our politicians are going to get a miserable life for these last few years and then some.

    • Alan Watt was a guest on Jeff Rense show. Rense demolished Watts chemtrails bullshit. Allan went silent. I don’t think Watt has been back on Rense since.

      It’s amazing how listeners of these so call “alternative” media shows believe everything the host says while supposedly “thinking” for themselves.

  57. demolished what? They are omni present on the west coast. Chemtrails have been long admitted by the military and by numerous scientists or technicians preparing these tests. What in The World are They Spraying introduces the question via the main media channels such as NBC, CBS and CBC here in Canada. Nick Begich through his book ‘Angels (Still) Don’t Play This HAARP’ ties it together. You need to recuse from the discussion LJ. If whacking at Alan Watt means misrepresenting the facts on the ground or in the air, there has got to be a better way.

    • Source where military admits chemtrails are for killing us. pls, don’t use Alex Jones, another fake to confirm. You link to no resources. surprising since you know of so many. take your own advice, list the factual sources of your statements.

  58. I didn’t say that but you might be willing to accept that they don’t particularly care that we be injured internally. You have the soldiers present and accounted for in numerous experiments (nuclear radiation vaccines etc.) as we do with our Blackwatch (agent orange etc). You are dangling another government infomercial.

    • I’m with you on the fact that our Gov’t does these things and more. I disagree that Alan watt is part of the solution. Growing your own garden, learning which wild plants are edible in your area & meeting locally in each others homes to make a difference would be time better spent than listening to alternative media.

      Most alternative media is likely Gov’t black ops. think about it, what does the average Alan Watt listener know about Alan Watt other than what he tells them or what some other (likely black op) alternative media host tells them about Alan Watt.

      When Alan Watt appeared on another alt program all the host would do would read from the bio Alan Watt provided them. They need guest and as long as you have story to tell you can be a guest. I’ve been asked on these programs and refused. There are better ways to make a difference.

      I’m sixty years old, protested the Vietnam War and the whole nine yards. There are better ways than psyop movements.

  59. Your point on Alan Watt is taken. I for one find his stated solution for dealing with this infirmary called planet earth reasonable enough.
    The technocratic power being possessed by the echelons who are in support of the elites is evidenced by many foundations and organizations from Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London through to the United Nations in the US. Since we play along by adding some credibility to them, they exist. Remove all credibility and the rats may scurry to some other ship of state. Remove credibility from those entities including the ‘law society’ and you are at home with yourself, a most credible being.
    I am a little older than you but had no commitment to any war protest. I see now every war is a racket produced by racketeers. Smedley Butler announced this to the US congress in the mid 1930’s and not one man went to jail for treason, as they attempted then, to create a fascist US regime. Italy, Germany, Japan and the US would have looked the same. The US is a leader in the face of each of them now. Canada is the same and our people are ‘boiling frogs’. Here in BC they strain to complain that our government is cost cutting safety from the ‘coast guard’ but don’t complain that the same government is giving one billion dollars to Afghanistan. The Trivium is taught in sequence, grammar, logic and rhetoric. The people don’t even know what the question is, let alone move to the logical resolutions possible. It’s very scary here. God save the queen (part of the problem) as we go to hell.

  60. Alan Watt does his shows for money thats why he has lots of transcripts in European languages. Where people tend to donate more and where the NWO market is at a high. Why doesnt he have transcripts of African languages , Chinese , Hindi , Bangla etc. Can an Alan Watt fan answer my question.

  61. @massagrabber Alan watt is aware of European language translation of his talks and he keeps mentioning them in his shows , so my question to you is why doesnt he tell his collaborators to translate his speeches in other languages. @Robben great point mate well you have hit the nail on the head. Your point i believe ends the argument here and makes it clear that what all Alan Watt does is just for money. NWO is a worldwide agenda but the supposed saviour of the mankind wants to save only the Americans & Europeans. Why doesnt he have translations of his talks in thirld world nation languages ? The answer is quite simpe because the people their are poor and are unlikely to donate in contrast to Europeans thats why Mr. Alan Watt the supposed saviour of mankind wants to only save Americans & Europeans. (MONEY TALKS MORALITY WALKS). Again Robben great point you have ended all arguments concerning the true intents of Alan Watt and made it crystal clear that he is doing all the drama just for money. An other open minded person please ask yourself why does he have translations in European languages and not African , Chineese , Hindi , Bangla etc.

  62. I don’t recal Alan ever CLAIMING to be the solution, or to even have the solution (whatever the claimed “problem” is). If someone “reports” things, or “talks”, who cares if they don’t do what you EXPECT of them. Your expecting something they ARE NOT ENTITLED TO DO. It’s like insulting a swimmer who does laps for an hour, and then saying their an idiot because they DON’T JUMP OFF THE HIGH DIVING BOARD AND DO A TRIPLE FLIP. They do laps, that’s what they do. Alan, well, he’s reading lots of articles, and then talks rather morbidly for a while. Whatever. It is very BORING after awhile, but that’s just my take on it. Actually, all of this NWO stuff is. I suppose it was time to find out sooner or later, at least you counteracted much of the S##t stuffed into you during “schooling” for 12 years (or longer). Nobody says you gotta listen to Alan everyday, all day. don’t do it then. who cares.

    I did hear a tape recording of an alan watt show overlapped upon a Kealy recording, and yeah, they were VERY SIMILAR. Even the changes from one area of the discussion to the next were going in the same order. something was up with that. Definitely noticed that. I also noticed after i sent Alan an Email of some info, that about a week later, one of his posts went into practically exactly what i had sent him in the email, and considering the subject matter, the odds of it would have been near impossible. but anyways, who cares. i don’t. it’s info. it’s free. it’s for everyone.

    so what you guys think of alex jones selling merchandise from the sweat shops in china? anybody catch that caller who mentioned it to alex, and then alex called him a “troll” and said that it “creates jobs”? creates jobs. wow. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD PUBLIC RELATIONS ESTABLISHMENT USE THAT ONE ON THE COMMUNITIES?

    how about we just use our own intuitions and back that power up with our own research, confirming. i’m sure many of you have. most of us knew the “system” was bulls**t by the time we were 16 anyways.

    don’t think i will slander, rather, instead hope you all have YOUR SPACE as it should be. good luck.

    • Like you I only posted the article here on my blog that “I” was no longer listening to Alan Watt. You want to listen to Alan Watt 24/7/365 go ahead. I didn’t catch Alex Jones cause I don’t waste my time listening to bullshit. You only have to listen to Alex Jones for a second to be bombarded with lies, false flag propaganda and out and out crap. Most alternative radio is bullshit. You can tell a bullshit alternative media outlet as they run buy Gold advertising. These people claim US Dollar is worthless and you should be buying gold. So they will sell you their valuable Gold for your worthless US Dollars!! If US Dollars are really worthless why are they willing to sell you their valuable, must have for the future Gold supply? It’s a no-brainer. They’re scamming you, lying to you & profiting off their bull crap.

      And so is Alan Watt, Alex Jones, David Icke and the rest of the Hee Haw gang.

      take care,

  63. Alan Watt watches and monitors people with sattelites. I thought this kind of work is done by the government. Alan watt said on september 26 2008 he had satellite pictures of a man
    named Alphonso’s home in Toledo, Ohio and that
    he better take the .pdf
    files down and send him
    money, or suffer some consequence. (.mp3 link is
    below the threats are from time 1:30 – 2:20).

  64. You all have a Happy Canada Day, eh. That means no swearing either.
    I had listened to Micheal Tsarion lately. The take away is, ‘be your self’.
    We all don’t need leaders if you will be your own.

  65. Dont get me wrong i am not attacking the information that Alan Watt gives i am just questioning his intents being in here for monewy. Alan Watt does give very usefull information such as illuminati plan of World socialism , Privitization of nations industry , Marketing of new age spirituality. Alan watt’s information is useful wheather its plagiarist or not that is something else.

  66. I find Alan Watt’s ideas very insightful. Sovereign John, you seem to have been watching him for a long time and come to the conclusion that he doesn’t have anything real to offer. It doesn’t surprise me if his ideas are not entirely his own – whose are? What’s wrong with incorporating things we like into our own philosophies? Now, if he’s ripping off someone lock, stock and barrel, that’s different. You mention Glen Kealey as being his source material but I have yet to come across a single intelligible thing that Glen Kealey has said. In the videos I’ve seen he’s babbling about symbols and the occult, or worse yet, enumerating tedious details of his farm. If this is meant to be some kind of secret code I’m not buying it. If he’s so awesome, then where can I find his good stuff? I don’t have a bone to pick (yet), but I’m interested to hear what people are saying. I realize there are paid ops among us. I don’t believe that a one-world government keeping the world populace under martial law is inevitable.

    • I’m pointing out that listeners of Alan Watt do nothing but listen to his radio show everyday and never engage in action. Just think they are enlightened and everyone else is sheep. Well what have Alan Watt listeners ever done to change anything? All they do is sit on their ass in their easy chair. They’re worse than sheep. Their lays uncreative babies.

    • Name the actions Alan Watt listeners have done to prevent the lose of freedom? I’m a member of the Occupy movement. We are making positive things happen. All Alan Watt listeners do is listen to Alan Watt mon-fri while sitting on their ass.

  67. Lol, I probably should have read the entire thread before posting. I started off assuming you (SJ) were the op and now I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no ops here at all – just a bunch of aging boomers who are saddened to see the beautiful world being destroyed for freedom and nature lovers as the corporate oligarchy gains more and more power. I see SJ that you feel like Alan Watts has been saying the same things over and over and its not going anywhere – could it be that that’s all he’s got to offer? He’s not the messiah after all. The question is what does one do next? Divest from the mainstream (I’m guessing everyone on here’s already done that), Invest in your local community, stay politically active, defend the internet, share information… The funny thing is… who the hell needs disinformation operatives when people are sitting around glued to their computers all day? I thought Alan Watts did offer one important suggestion – he pointed out that when he was young he remembered that before the TV came in, pushed by the government, the people would gather in the park to socialize, organize and share information. The TV changed all that. And now, here we are years later, sitting in front of computers instead of televison. At least we’re engaging in political discourse of some sort and not merely watching re-runs of The Kardashians. But obviously its not enough to be isolated and angry. And arguing with each other is idiotic. If you wanna out yourself as an op, here’s an easy way: argue about irrelevant details rather than the big picture, go to bat for the oil industry and/or express doubt about the importance of taking climate change seriously,
    The facts as I see them are these:
    1) there is a singular over-arching power structure that controls global finance
    2) they have honed in on our essential psychology: that among us there are doves and there are hawks
    3) they have brilliantly divided us along these lines to quibble amongst ourselves over relatively minor issues while they pursue whatever it is they want to ensure their global hegemony well into the future.
    4) the united states, which has become the flagship for world destruction, can also turn around and become the flagship for world renewel
    5) the only thing standing in the way is our own ability to bring the people the make up the so-called left and so-called right into line to demand an end to genetically modified organisms, to demand an end to geo-engineering, to demand a commitment to US sovereignty, to bringing back a manufacturing base, a commitment to investing in renewable energy, stop building prisons, invest in relevant education.
    the solutions are not that far away. once the people are unified even the stormtroopers and paid assassins will not carry out orders – if the people are unified and in the streets, the police will fear hurting their own loved ones. Corporate dictatorship is not the only direction here.

    • Part of the lame facts and figures so called alternative media uses is the very Alan Watt fact you used. Oh my goodness people were so better informed, aware and wise…way back when. BullFuckingShit. People used to gather in parks and other public spaces and talk about what the news in the controlled Newspapers and Magazines! They gossip about who was fucking who in the neighborhood. There was no political discussions, no strategies worked out for protests and/or rallies. People have and always will be controlled by the .001%. Alan Watt pretending otherwise shows just how useless and irrelevant this alternative media marketer is.

      Read about how Randolf Hearst started Wars and controlled the masses with his newspapers. Religion is used to control the willfully ignorant. This Allan Watt is a snake oil salesman and we’ve always had them and always will as long as the willfully ignorant dominate our society and lead our culture.

  68. The blog writer is a dickhead he never explained what does Alan Watt says is wrong or he never debunked anything Alan speaks about. He just posted No longer listening to Alan Watt dipshit and is now acting smart. what a fool

    • My post is more about the lack of action by those who merely sit on their ass thinking listening to Alan Watt is all that is required. Alan Watt has been on radio for over thirty years and has done nothing to change the course of events. he’s just a pacifier losers suck on.

      • “over thirty years” – that’s quite a career. “Alan” may as well “pack it in and go do something else” – especially if those “donations” stop “trickling” in.

  69. I live on the west coast on Van Isl. I see the tanker jets pumpin from Feb to November yearly. The stuff is killin a lot of stuff, our summers are cooler and the fires are hotter. Aluminium does the trick. I will give LJ an opportunity to hit a homer by watching
    As it is Alan has talked of it and much more. If you get off your azz it’s because folks like him talk to you about what to get alarmed of. Get alarmed and do something. Get talking.

    • yeah, even the television CBC weather forecast reports will report OVERCAST… and then the sprayings occur and there’s ARTIFICIAL forecast. Apparently weather reports of this type are called PROJECT LOV (L.O.V.).

      also, in regards to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada… we have this little “undisclosed ARMORY” set up shop on 3rd ave Port Alberni.
      video report:

      just read Alan Watts “Cutting Through” books/binders, and half of book one and almost all of book 2 sound wing-batt-batty. Just as much as say a Glen Kealey? who knows if he got it from him. one fellow says they BOTH stole it. who knows. but sayin “brother can you spare a dime” with someone else’s material and no listings of the source of it pretty much speaks for itself.

  70. John Stadtmiller: “As the saying goes if you want to know where the power lies ask whom you cannot criticise. Now, its quite interesting to note the researchers of the New World Order who endeavour to deflect attention away from the Jews such as Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, ALAN WATT, Mark Dice etc. are not silenced or suppressed. Let me make a footnote here; this is tied in with Alan because Alan is on Jones show all the time and we know that Jones never talks about the Jews – EVER! They are not silenced or suppressed, but in fact promoted by the Jewish controlled press, these purported critics of the New World Order and Illuminati who employ vague terms like the Elites, the Globalists, the Establishment, the Military Industrial Complex and who regularly invoke a confusing deluge of elusive entities and kosher poltergeist, everything from Satanist, to Cultist, Freemason, Jesuits, Nazis, Fascists, Knights Templar, WASP, British Loyalist, Reptilians, Space Aliens, you name it are free to promote their theories and ideas on radio, television and the internet and in books uninhibited. The radio shows are not being cancelled, their books are not being taken off the shelves or blocked from publication. Their videos are not being censored or expunged from the video-sharing websites. Their websites and blogs are not being shut down on a whim. They are not being fined or thrown in prison for hate speech, on the contrary we can find these kosher clowns being highlighted on mainstream Jewish propaganda television networks like the History channel, the making appearances on MSM talk-shows like The View; critics of Jewish power, Zionism and the Jewish criminal network couldn’t even dream of achieving that level of notoriety. I wonder why.”

    • 😱 Perhaps it is because the .0001% who control the world need only one group to be the scapegoats, the Jews. The United States need the Jews in the Middle East as a launch pad for US Terrorism. The .001% uses the USA. Rest assured if we know a name then this is not the .0001% as they are the unknown unknowables.😰

  71. Everyone is a scapegoat. Everyone that isn’t getting kicked in the teeth is counting their blessings or their scalps. The tirade about Jews is a fact of what will seem to be true but falls short. Joe Biden Admits: “I Am a Zionist”
    Kerry, Gaza And The New Sabbatean Holocaust
    Barry Chamish – Antisemitic Jews
    it puts everyone in danger and stopping all the bankers is job one. Bigger the better.

  72. Alan Watt reads articles from the media & puts into context of his understanding of the agenda of the elites. I find it very useful. Not much to dislike, just another persons opinion.

    I don’t think one is likely to find another human being on the planet to agree with 100%.

    • My point isn’t that Alan Watt doesn’t have great data. My point is that all Alan Watt do is sit on ther asking bekieving listening to Alan Watt is all they have to do.

      Alan Watt listeners never get off their asses and therefore will never change a thing. Therefore all Alan Watt is for his listeners is Entertainment!

      • Nail on the head . Buy my books but dont read all of plato’s republic(i guess he believes most will not comprehend). i looked into this movement after the army, it will take much more than protests and talking to change anything IMO it is though of coarse much better than doing nothing. Listen to Watt, Jones etc if you want to hear the same shit. Jones- “the world is going to end tomorrow! TOMORRRROOWW!!! LOL buy my shit OMG no hope

      • Thanks for your insight. I agree with your assessment totally. All Alan Watt is done is add 1% to 99% same old shit knowing his listeners are gonna do nothing anyway. His listeners call everyone else sheep while Alan Watt reads them the news then tells them what to think about the news! What losers, what Alan Watt indoctrinated sheep!

  73. Stephan Molineux is a libertarian philosopher and he serves as a distraction for the elites. He never mentions the bad moneylenders names or their accomplices. He is insightful to a large degree but like Alex Jones, he lets the war makers off the hook using a clever ploy. He titles them ‘the government’. He admonishes the teachers and leaves out the curriculum designers in toto. He never hits the mark unless it’s YOU. He ignores ‘the people’ have been totally out gunned for over 100 years. ‘FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE’. The chemical spraying of our atmosphere is a wonderful generalization. So is ‘stateists’ or ‘stateism’ yet the ‘guys’ who fund wars, the ilk of men that are covert operators creating hell on earth and the politicians both local and those mauling the golden ring, never acknowledge the perps.
    Here are a few of the killers….
    Former Goldman Sachs CEO and Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson had already amassed at least $700 million prior to moving to the US Treasury in 2006. Current Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and a few other top executives at Goldman Sachs just received $111.3 million in bonuses. Blankfein just took home $24.3 million, as part of a $67.9 million bonus he was awarded. Goldman’s President Gary Cohn took home $24 million, as part of a $66.9 million bonus he was awarded. Goldman’s CFO David Viniar and former co-president Jon Winkelried both took home over $20 million in bonuses.

    Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit just took home $80 million, in what may eventually total more than $200 million in compensation and bonuses. Coming in at the top of the list is JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who just took home $90 million.
    “Leaders of Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealth, WellPoint and Aetna received nearly $200 million in compensation in 2009, according to a report, while the companies sought rate increases as high as 39%….

    H. Edward Hanway, former chief executive of Philadelphia-based Cigna, topped the list of high-paid executives, thanks to a retirement package worth $110.9 million. Cigna paid Hanway and his successor, David Cordani, a total of $136.3 million last year….

    Ron Williams, the CEO of Hartford, Conn.-based Aetna Inc., earned nearly $18.2 million in total compensation, down from $24.4 million in 2008.”

    Aetna CEO Ron Williams has recovered from his down year in 2009 by making $72 million in 2010.

    Stephens latest rant was supporting Romney for saying what everyone knows but is afraid to say. 47% are so poor they don’t pay taxes. He did not say this Tax Breaks For The Rich, Budget Cuts For The Rest Of Us

    To further demonstrate how the mega-wealthy have seized control our political process, consider that the richest 400 Americans paid 30% of their income in taxes in 1995, but they now pay only 18%.

    In fact, 1,470 Americans earned over $1 million in 2009 and didn’t pay any taxes.

    The average tax rate for millionaires was 22.4% in 2009, down from 30.4% in 1995. The average millionaire saves $136,000 a year due to reduced tax rates.

    Looking at the tax rate from a long-term perspective, the amount of money the richest people and most profitable corporations pay in taxes has fallen dramatically since 1955. Corporate tax accounted for 27.3% of federal revenue in 1955. In 2010, corporate tax accounted for only 8.9% of federal revenue. Corporate taxes accounted for 4.3% of overall GDP in 1955, in 2010 they accounted for only 1.3%.

    Slaves fighting the slaves is what we do,, right LJ?

  74. Alan Watt is one of the best and an outstanding researcher in this New World Order agenda carried out by the Illuminati. Coming to the question raised by SJ that Alan Watt doesnt fervent any action from his followers , well the followers should be completly deprogrammed first before taking any action. Otherwise there is a lot of chance that they would be decieved by disinfo agents or by controlled opposition and would get reinserted in the Matrix. Complete deprogramming can be acheived by Educating one self in Banking system , Education system , culture creation Industry , Media power structure , Masonic religions , etc.

    • LOL! I see Alan Watt has reprogrammed you well. You have all the alt media buzz words Dow, illuminati, masons, Masonic, complete with your excuse explaining why after forty years Alan Watt hasn’t done nothing but more up the ally media chain to a alt media radio network, screwing over Jackie Patru where he regularly used to claim Alex Jones was a illuminati agent but now appears regularly appears. LOL.

      Alan Watt tried to peddle his bullshit on Jeff Rense and Jeff Rense exposed his bullshit. That’s why he turned to Alex Jones! ROFLMAO!!

  75. @SJ this is a good point you made that Alan Watt calls Alex Jones a disinfo agent but still comes to his show. Well Alan Watt wants to reach the largest audience possible which Alex Jones can provide and Its Alan Watt who’s doing most of the talking so there’s no chance of Alex spreading his nonsense. Coming to your next point what has Alan Watt done in the last 30-40 years. Well i think doing radio shows , writing books to awaken the ignorant masses is part of action and Work. If you say thats not enough Alan should Organise an army and fight. Lol thats lunatic and impractical. If you say why not support or induldge in a popular movement like OWS ? Then i would like to explain you that all these popular movements come from the top to down and help in the furtherence of Elites agenda. As Gorbachev said OWS will help in the emergence of a new world order Alan Watt always advices never to follow any popular movement like OWS.

    • I think what you say is true. It’s all from the top down. Now apply that wisdom to a conman who is heard around the globe on supposed “alternative radio” and you’ve got it. 😉 The Alex Jones listeners are a bunch of rubes whom think listening to the radio is all that needs to be done.

      Your Alan Watt gives people who are never gonna do anything something to listen to as they sit on their ass and accomplish nothing. you’ve got the excuse down pat. You can’t do anything cause everything comes from the top. So for you that justifies you sitting on your ass.

      The perfect strategy for do nothing’s is to justify their inaction and separating them, preventing them from gathering together is to claim every movement is a top down movement.

      Five years from now things will have gotten worse and the only thing Alan Watt listeners will have done is sent Alan Watt money. Those at the top have given you yet another all talk do nothing hero.

      It’s so sad and pathetic how such top down strategy always works.Alan Watt, Shepard to the all talk no action herd of sheep.

      • Action does not take place without awareness. And it also doesn’t take place without the belief that something may come of it. To say anyone that listens to Alan Watt will do nothing is a bad generalization. People who generalize like that are usually narrow minded.
        So…. Sovereign John, ye who sounds like you are far superior to any of us, it looks to me like you are narrow minded.

        Alan Watt, Alex Jones and you, may not be right about everything, but at least you all make people think about stuff. And that is good, whether it directly leads to action or not.


      • @SJ again as i told you previously Alan Watt took the best actions possible in the last 30 years , he did as much as possible to awaken his fellow men. Coming to your next question how can Alan Watt be trusted , just like all popular movement come from top to down even he can be a Illuminati creation. Well Alan doesnt share any new information he just provides a better understanding and clear explaination of books and articles written by Illuminati frontmen such as the racist , elitist , communist , eugenicist bigots Aldous Huxley , H.G. Wells , Bertnard Russell , G.B. Shaw etc. The whole script is written in Blank & White no one needs to go to Alan Watt they just need to read their books by the above bigots. As far as your second question is concerned why dont Alan Watt followers start a movement ? It appears you dont know that all Grassroot movements don’t go to far they get infiltrated.

      • Alan Watt is the front man, not hgwells or any of the other names he drops to keep you in his herd. You can’t even chose your own books to read and when you read what Alan Watt tells you to read Alan Watt then has to tell you what meaning to get out of thOSE book! You have no imagination, no comprehension, if I want to know what you think, I’ll ask your mother, Alan Watt. ROTFLMAO

  76. I feel Alan Watt like Alex Jones is full of shit. Whether intentionally or just out of stupidity, it doesn’t matter to me. I can not fall behind the idea of one single entity calling all the shots, with some mystical wisdom and foresight as these characters portray. As for keenly he’s probably full of shit too though I’m speaking out my ass. This is not to say I don’t believe there are powerful players out there. But I think the world acting in the best interest of the rich man is a natural as leaves falling off trees. They are the ones making the decisions no need for conspiracy. But I’m still fighting against the policies I disagree with.

    I’ve also thought in the past that dicks like Alex Jones would be a prop to put up by a powerful group. Supporting the most bogus opposition to your ‘organization’ is a good idea. But I’m just dicking around I don’t believe this to be the case.

    drunk rambling brendan

    • Right. Alan watt, Alex jones are agents to make everyone feel helpless so they won’t ever get together to act. Rich people look out for their money and that is what binds them together. There’s no need for a secret conspiracy. Power and control protects the money. The money gives one power and control. It’s so simple 👴

      • Yeah, and Alan Watt and particular Alex “bullshitter” Jones are forever telling you “worthless” your money is. Just send greedy AJ a “moneybomb” lol

  77. @SJ what you say that A. Watt is a frontman is meaningless as H.G. Wells and other big players like Huxely who worked in the NWO implementation worked with many Iluminati organisations , societies and universities. Alan Watt is just a radio show host nothing more and he speaks against this agenda unlike those people mentioned above. Alan has no connections with the Illuminati. Other researchers also mention about these racist bigots like Huxley’s , G.B. Shaw etc. many things that the psychopaths above wrote in their books , articles and speeches have become truths. Its not Alan alone i read many researchers like Texe Marres , Eustice Mullins , Alex Ansary , Steve Jacobson , Fritz Springmeir etc. So for you attacking me and calling me an Alan Watt sheep is quite stupid. From your moronic and dumb replies i think you dont even understand what the New World Order is. So can you please post a blog describing the NWO.

    • The writers you describe are all supposed .alternative media writers. You believe they are insiders yet Alan Watt is allowed on national radio to spew the truth. LOL

      It’s typical of NLP sheep to protect love their Shepard. Yet what does a Shepard do to the sheep? he keeps them for their meat and wool. The silence of Alan Watt lambs is deafing.

      Now run along back to your couch and your “alternative radio”. I need to focus on people who are actually building a better world….

  78. Could only read 1st half of comments so forgive me if I’ve repeated anybodies thoughts but heres my take, Watt has ‘shoplifted’ much of his act from the great Bill Cooper. I believe the Jackie Patru show was on the same radio station as the hour of the time for a while and went on straight after Coopers broadcast so my guess is Watt was an avid listener. One example is Watts assertion the Americas would be unified by 2010/NAFTA etc, this came from Mystery Babylon series No 19 I think. There are many more examples of Watt not giving Cooper credit for things such as the double meaning of words (atonement etc) which can also be found in the Mystery Babylon series. To me it looks like Alex Jones is a clone of Cooper albeit one who’s job it is to detract credibility from the truth movement but Watt seems to have adopted some aspects of Coopers character also, lone man (and his dog) in the wilderness etc and both Watt and Jones use(d) the same music as the HOTT (i.e. the star wars theme and Leonard Cohen). Strangely, Watt said on one of his blurbs that Cooper had invited him down to Arizona just before he was shot. He does speak of Cooper with reverence however, unlike Jones. If anyone has a problem with this then like Alan Watt I suggest you listen to the Mystery babylon series and you’ll find about 20 or so examples of what I mean.

    • Bill Cooper was used by the .0001% just like all the rest. There’s very little truth in his “Shows”. Alex Jones, Alan Watt, David Icke, Bill Cooper, etc, etc. Bill Cooper was killed as he was wising up on all the disinfo agenda he had been tricked into participating in and spreading with his radio “program”, from his UFO shit to his NWO bullshit.

      This is a good lesson for those who insist their alternative conspiracy theory host are real. They kill real investigative reporters which are never allowed to broadcast day in, day out, any truth. The first hint of Truth and they’re dead. Even Presidents of the United States are taken out. Lincoln, and JFK being two…

      So the next time you see a alternative radio host on some Conspiracy Network that’s been broadcasting for years, they’re not giving out any real Truth. They know better or they’re stupid. Bill Cooper was gonna get stupid and expose himself and the rest of the Hee-Haw gang.

  79. No lessons needed as we have all are most observant. Nothing to see here, just keep moving. Oh yah,,, the chemtrails are sparayed daily on the west coast of Canada and I am told the sames true along the US side. Seems there is a good reason to have droughts for the farmers of North America but only The chemaddicts have that answer as SJ doesn’t speak on the ills that plague us, only the messengers.

    • The drought of early 1930’s had noyhing to do with chemtrails. Grow up and stop blaming things on others! You don’t know anything about chemtrails but mindless speculation. Grow up and stop claiming to know facts as up you have no evidence just speculation.

  80. such a foolish statement. Aluminium, Barium and Strontium is our daily bread, not that Monsanto wouldn’t want me eating the hybridized gliadin toxic substance you must be feasting on.
    You see I am cataloguing for these last 3 years the chemtrailing of our skies. I have copious photographs and our municipal administration acknowledges the obvious.
    My son and I witnessed an Aurora here and it was situated on the east side of Texada Island, Sunshine Coast in the Coast Range Mountains. I am from Northern Ontario and that is the only other place an Aurora was visible to me. I’ve heard stories that you can see an aurora from time to time in California, LOL.
    What’s worse is that the tree’s aren’t tolerant but neither are the Bees or human beings. The frequency is being altered and you are becoming dumber than a sack of hammers and don’t know it. Full spectrum dominance SJ.

    • There are more efficient ways to poison us. Most people are fed, watered, clothed, housed, entertained, provided jobs, by Corporate Power. Your clothes are likely toxic, the houses they build are likely toxic, certainly the food and water are likely toxic, the soft drinks, I know at my factory we had unlabeled toxic chemicals (a Union member went online and found the substance caused cancer). The computer your using is toxic yet I notice like all the mentioned toxic materials I’ve listed you and the rest of the “alternative” sheep haven’t given up your Corporate supplied lifestyle. Your cellphone, your HDTV, your automobile, your food/water/clothing. You sit at your toxic laden computer and supply links, that the extent of your solution.

      Chemtrails are the least of our worries. Mostly you and your ‘alternative’ movement do nothing but enjoy the benefits of this toxic Corporate system. From your computer your typing on to the clothes your wearing, to the house you live in, to the food/water you ingest, to the automobile you drive to your provided Corporate toxic laden job.

      • Yeah, “Watt” is definitely trying to stifle active protest. In fact, he (who ever pulls his strings) appears terrified that active protest might take root. We all just to keep “listening to “Alan Watt” lol Wonder why?

      • That’s why there’s an abundance of fast food hamburger joints. It’s been found if you’re give what looks like choice you will at least eat more hamburgers. Alan Watt found a niche within the ‘alternative media’ show. Those who don’t like one host is given another to hook them in.

        What Alan Watt is on there are commercials that tell you Federal Reseve Notes ( US Dollars) are worthless and the most valuable assets is GOLD. Yet these con men are selling valuable GOLD in exchange for worthless Federal Reserve Notes! Allan Watt is the content to reel you in, weaken your thought process so you’ll trade dollars with Gold, which the elite can take the value down anythime they want 😉

        The give you David Ickes, Alex Jones Allen Watt and others to use to sell you magic herbs and magic gold! 😱

  81. SJ your ranting on Alan Watt is is no longer hitting the target you intended it too. It’s proof lies in how you cobble your crank.
    As for dealing with chemtrails, just call it crank, in dealing with elites like Huxley or today’s surrogate elites, give them a pass. I guess you might never look in the mirror to see that this thread never hears of the ways you deliver result that make this world a better place for us all.
    Ace of spades 2.0 wrapped you up in a tidy package. It’s time to move on.

    • I have stated I am a member of local ‘Occupy Wall Street’. As far as moving on, please do so. As far as what other activism I engage is I am not seeking your approval or your good wishes. I wrote this Alan Watt post and then moved on to other subjects. No continuous Alan Watt posts here. I have responded to comments. Don’t make a comment and I’ll never reply.

      Millions of activist have taken on the system while Alan Watt has entertained couch potatoes for over thirty years. Roflmao.

      Alan Watt listeners are just Hound Dogs..

  82. lol at the “infomercials” on these “conspiracy” “shows”: “Gold is at an all time high, there’s never been a better time to buy” ?! What happened to “Buy low, sell high”, which you can bet your last “worthless Federal Reserve note” that is exactly what these conmen are doing. They are out to fleece suckers out of their very last dollar, they even want you retirement funds: “Wouldn’t it be comforting to have gold in your retirement, peace of mind assured” – that is until those “damned Globalist” decide to devalue gold, then no doubt Alex Jones and Alan Watt will be around to exchange your “worthless gold” for Federal Reserve Notes: “hey, you can’t eat gold”.

    • Exactly. It’s so true as you point out, regardless the currency the Globalist are in control and like the Internet bubble, the housing bubble, the Gold bubble is controlled by the Globalist. Thanks for your wise comment. Do you have a website or other Internet content?

      • Hello, I’ve listened to Alex Jones for a while, although he has woke me up, I’ve noticed he offered no solutions. Then I found Alan Watt who I thought was different, and I noticed he was the same. For these past years, especially now I’ve felt a need to get off my ass and change the world. My dream is too expose this government that opresses us all and lies to its citizens. To oppose the wars, and bring people together.I’m only 18, and I feel eslaved to soceity.(More in love with I am a neo hippie as people would like to call it, and I see everyone as my brother and sister. I just want to ask you, how do I start a movement? Also what is a good way to get out of the system, and do you know any good alternative media sources? Since I am young, I just feel like I can’t make a diffrence in this world. But I want to at least try.

      • Your youth and naiveté is showing through, Eddie. Everyone at your age thinks they “can change the system”; the problem is that is doesn’t pad out like that – you will eventually be subsumed by the “system”. All you can really do is “do your bit” in your own small way.

      • PS by “doing your bit”, I don’t mean spending the next 30-odd years sat on you butt “listening to Alan Watt”, Alex “Goldfingers” Jones (“Put back some of them Indian $10 for me, Ted”) or whoever who is “put out there” to distract and deceive lol

  83. The problem is that certain people insist that only Jews are evil, and that everything is to be blamed on them alone. This includes Kealy, as it takes you about 5 seconds on his site to discover. Anyone who doesn`t agree with him on this is “debunked” there, and he repeats the nonsense that people like Icke, Watt and even Alex Jones “never mention Jews or Israel” when they all do.
    What they do though is attempt to place Judaism in a larger historical background by pointing out that Judaism came out of Babylon and Egypt, and was therefore a synthetic and young culture at the time of Christ, and that it has been used like every other religion in history to serve empires.
    Similarly they are pointing out that Israel is a scheme of the empire, rather than a separate power, by pointing out that the British called it a “new Ulster” when it was set up through the Balfour Declaration. Particularly the connections between the Norman/British oligarchy and modern Judaism is completely ignored by people like Kealy. Why wouldn`t it be when the Jews are to blame for everything?
    Predictably though, anybody who points out that Christianity hasn`t existed since sometime before 325 AD, and that the Catholic church- indeed any church- is about as Christian as Ghengis Khan, will be instantly vilified by the “Christian” Zionists who seem to have hijacked the sad remains of a promising social movement. And if someone on top of this dares to deny that Jews are to blame for all the world`s problems you have the rest of the “patriot” movement joining the Talibanish/Babylonian kooks of modern “Christianity”.

    Anyways, the purpose of listening to Alan Watt is not to receive perfect truth but to make yourself think. For people who have been hoodwinked by the anti-Jew rhetoric or the fake Christian churches there are worse people to listen to to get deprogrammed. If anybody is a shill it`s Kealy, with his kindergarten level analysis of the “Jewish problem”. Anybody who believes a word of it is being taken for a ride. His goal is obviously to promote social conflicts instead of fighting the power structures who are responsible for the current mess we`re in by making you look at evil Jews all day long.

  84. Anyone here read Spontaneous Evolution? Read that, draw some of your own conclusions because your perspective is needed. If you don’t get it then learn about the different parts that make up the ideals behind the book. Truly fascinating. Also stop bitching at each other. Regardless of who you listen to it’s the people you can reach out to and can reach back that will be holding eachother up IF shit goes haywire.

    • I’ll be checking out your recommendation of Spontaneous Evolution [].


      Having read the description of the book and many of the reviews this doesn’t seem to be a book for me. However everyone should check it out and decide for themselves.

  85. Having read these comments, it is clear many have missed the essence of Alan Watt´s work. He has never said he has the answers, only that you look at the clearly laid out plans of the people who run this present world and what they intend to do. The evidence of what ¨they¨ said what they would do and the reality today is clear. Agenda 21 and the rest of the show (NWO) is coming to pass. The recent meat contamination scandal in europe (horsemeat) is one of many ongoing conditioning´s of us all into not eating meat…etc. Watt goes through current events in the MSM to highlight these events happening and reminding us that these things would happen as what was written..
    So be less harsh on him, he has not deceived anyone, it is all there in PLAIN SIGHT if you are willing or able to search for the info for yourself. The difference between us and the .001% is that we are human and capable of LOVE and that is why we are vulnerable, because to LOVE is to let go of self…clearly they cannot do this. I am writing from the island of Mallorca, Spain and I can tell you if the people here really knew what is happening they would be incredulous. We are in total meltdown economically and its getting worse by the second. The research I have made in the last few years points to major upheaval in Europe and the west as a whole, not just ´the third world’ and now it is coming big time. Alan Watt is waking people up, however most do not want to be…

    • When Alan Watt trashes Alex Jones for years. Says Alex Jones in an NWO talking head then starts appearing on Alex Jones frequently and they are now buddy buddy Alan Watt is either a hypocrite, a liar or both. He’s not worth anyone’s time. He offers no insight any reasonable intelligent human being can’t see for themselves. He is a NWO distraction designed to disarm you % make fools think they are #winning the struggle of human labor simply by listening to the radio. Alan Watt’s traveling medicine show has been on the radio over thirty years, accomplished nothing but of course selling Alan Watt worthless books.,

  86. I have the agree some of the above comments. Watt, like all of these “leaders” teaches us that we must fend for ourselves, and not rely on them for everything. Give Allen credit for saying that much.

    Yes I question his opinions, conclusions, and on somethings I called total bullshit, but get what you can from him… and do figure out how to think for your own self, as he prescribes.

    • So we should listen to Alan Watt every day in case he says something we can use? Do those listening really need to be told over and over and over what he says? If you need to listen to Alan Watt every day your skills at data collection are atrocious and you need to work on that if you need to be spoon fed from an Alex Jones and/or an Alan Watt. What is most likely the case is armchair activist listen to Alex Jones and Allan Watt and that’s there effort for the day. After all, according to these to Bozos why bother to actually do anything? Every movement is co-opts, every member except you and Alex and Alan are agents so just sit on your bottom and do the least possible. Let your listening and buying Alex and Alan books be your activism. LOL

      Hell, I’m a average citizens who started this wordpress blog that is free [anyone can start a wordpress blog] and i’ve been accused of being a CIA Agent. That’s how effective the paranoid Alex&Alan indoctrination is. Meanwhile for years Alan demonized Alex and now they’re best friends!! Who’s the agents? Has anyone visited the cabin in the woods in Canada where Alan lives? Of course not yet thousands of indoctrinated listens will tell yoiu matter of fact that’s where he lives. Do they realize how easy it is to find a woods to film video? Do they know who cheap you can rent a cabin to film a video in front of? With no proof at all Alex&Alan gather their flock of sheep. Meanwhile those of us who can only afford to post on a blog that wordpress platform provided to anyone who wants a blog of their own. I’m the agent yet Alex&Alan who talk on National Corporate Radio Networks sponserd by Corporate advertisers are the real deal!?! It’s so sad when the average activist is shunned and the Corporate talking heads are revered. Such is the state of the armchair activist mentality.

      A few people read this blog, I’m the Government agent. Thousands of thousands listen to Alex&Alan on Corporate National Radio heard around the world and paid for by Corporate Advertisers and they are the real deal truth seekers!?! WTF?!!!!!?

      • 1) Though you say he and Jones are bffs, that’s not quite true. They use each other. Also Alan continues to call out people who are like Jones, and its obvious who he is referring to.

        2) Thinking someone is an agent is not always paranoia, since there are such things are agents, and they are involved in propaganda, here and abroad. I’m not saying you are one,I’m defending people’s suspicions into such areas. Spies themselves are notoriously paranoid, why shouldn’t we have suspicions?

        3) These various leaders have enlightened many people on important but rarely talked about historical events. These events provide useful tools to understand events unfolding today.

        4) I agree with some of your criticisms,and I think his books are probably a scam, though I only know from what I’ve heard about them. We shouldn’t swallow everything hook line and sinker,but luckily our paranoia as you call it, will come in handy to protect us… keeping us skeptical until we can back things up with good research.

      • Alan Watt and Alex Jones have prepared no one for what is coming.
        Our group is preparing for 2052CE. Unfortunately listening to Alan Watt
        ensure that you will be in the general population scheduled for elimination.
        Our group is preparing to blend into the coming CyberInterNetic Agenda.
        Our group consists of scientists and other professionals.

        Our suspicions were conformed when Bill Joy wrote “Why the Future Doesn’t Need US” – Wired Magazine.
        You’re quite welcome to continue on your path.


  87. I listened to alan a few times and found him to be a snob.One time He spoke of Krisnamurti and made a total fool out of himself. So tired of snobs.

    • I found Alan Watt like all the other popular mainstream alternative radio hosts to be a tool. He’s been ranting for thirty years on the radio. He was always talking about how Alex Jones was a fake then he and Alex Jones hooked up. That’s revealing enough. 😉

  88. Two things are strange about Alan Watt. Which everyone would agree wheather you are like him and and are with him or against him. He attacks both organized religions and New ageism. So in what religion or spirituality does he believes in ? ? ? And also why does he have translation scripts and website for European countries only apart for Americas. Why doesnt he create websites and transcripts for 3 world countries or other places. ? The answer is simple people in western countries are rich and will donate to him. Unlike poor people of 2 and 3 world countries. Thats why he does that. What do you think Soveriegn John and Co. Am i right.

  89. Ok, so you guys used to love Watt until someone exposed him as stealing work from Kealy. Tell me, who did you listen to before you listened to Watt? And when you stopped listening to them, in favor of listening to Watt, why did you switch? You know it is only a matter of time before this Kealy character gets debunked and shown a fraud. Who will you listen to then? My point is that we cant keep doing this. Eventually, everyone you thought was above board WILL be debunked by someone. In this information age, there is NO WAY to know the truth. The powers that be have done such a good job weaving lies into the truth, that it can never be separated. Even if you quit your job and family and research this shit for the rest of your life, at the end of the day, you still wont know for sure that you have learned the truth. I have a job and family and need to rely on others to provide the truth for me. I can then look at it and decide if it makes sense or not. I am not lazy, I just don’t have the time. Being a NWO slave is mostly a full time job..

  90. Having read the hundreds of comments here upon the subject of Alan Watt, it is to be wondered why this gang of pseudo litterati have never bothered to comment on any of AW’s hundreds of original poems. You will find two or three poems a week on his site, for your ever so thoughtful consideration. In fact, it is not just to be wondered at – but just quite staggeringly amazing is it not? We take it that you hundreds of intelligent literate people do read as well as listen – do you not?

    The poetry is possibly the most conspicuous item on AW’s – ” Cutting through the Matrix ” website page is it not? You all seem to think that you are waking up or something daft like that. Well tell us what exactly it Is you observe about AW’s website page now that you are no longer sleeping? Is it because you commentator’s only see things in black and white, being insensitive too everything in between such as poetry in great big bloody coloured letters at the top of the page? It’s like Blackpool illuminations for Gawd’s sake! Many would easily be convinced that those such as these do not deserve reasoned reply, but would be better served by a less time consuming smack in their big, self-righteous, gabby-gobs!

    What do we see as comment on this most important poetry – the most original thought of AW, his most considered written opinion, from all these mere mechanical keyboard manipulators? Well according to their false thinking – it be fair comment! You will hear nothing of poetry from this tribe of dolts, cretins & troglodytes because it is ridiculously obvious that they have never bothered to read it – but they will all tell you that they are waking up! They merely sodden pages with words issuing, gushing forth from turdspring brains. These babbling, babel, baby, baa- baa’s -verb depositors of a most foul excrement, bereft of any deep meaningful thought such as that found in human poetry, the highest expression of our literacy – whilst they – these mental maggots refuse to comment! Someone should change their nappies! Well – there was the one comment from the worm lately emerging from the mud who had observed it – but thought it silly & stupid or something like that. There’s hope for the worm then.

    As for the rest, having mastered that banausic art necessary for the manipulation of letters on a ‘ key ‘ – board – ‘ keys ‘ that were sadly and unfortunately given to them by their own corrupt masters, they assemble the letters together for themselves into trite banalities, rude insults & shocking hypocrisy such as give pleasure to their own inflated egos. Forgive me Lord for playing their own silly little games.

    Please, give good reason Lord why the above ego- ridden, fraudster, pied- pipers should not therefore have their digits smashed. rendering them incapable of ever again spreading their blind inanities? For they spread lies, deceit and worthless opinion by omission of comment upon the very core of AW’s work! One and all alike – these worthless critics! By these poetic words alone AW shows the sincerity of his work, and by that same omission of comment his critics show the insincerity of their own hearts, and the ignorance of their own closed ‘modern’ minds. Pray Lord – give these pigs in human form trotters for hands at rebirth Lord!

    Please. Lord, give good reason why their unseeing useless piggy eyes should not be torn, shrieking from their lieing sockets? They do not observe the words pointed shockingly there, right in front of their own ugly snouts, which never smell their own stinking turds! How much more lurid colouring is required for these pathetics to gain a comprehension and understanding? These are not awake, they are sleepwalking zombies! To be forgotten, unremembered, ditch strewn corpse garbage, manure for their own rotten verbiage!

    Please. Lord – give good reason why flapping fishwives tongues should not be cut from malignant mouths which surely never could give rise to the muse in any case? Loony lingua, which could never be trusted not to utter that which is uncouth, or fit for family listening. Most of these weaklings understandably & thankfully are fittingly bereft of family, leaving the rest free from their own potentially puerile progeny.

    Perhaps when placed upon the scaffold – nay guillotine -‘ tis more poetic,’ they themselves – these tosh talking tossers, could give a poetic vocalization to the word – ‘ Mercy!’ And we who refuse to throw the first stone can toss for their bloody heads!

    Please Lord give good reason why this reasonable societal cross section of civilized fools should not be culled down by 99% regardless of who the executioner should be – i should be pleased to do the job myself. Spare the worm & cull the cacophony of this silly ignorant carrion crow mob. They listen to Alan Watt (sic) – they don’t damned well read him do they? Hundreds of AW poems, hundreds of comments from all these pseudo- intellectuals, none dealing with the actual core of his original extremely well advertised thought – his poetry.

    Unbelievably rude! Nuf’ to make even AW himself swear most manfully methinks.

  91. If this is not a dis information site then kindly post my comment which i made over an hour ago! You have gotten my comment – i know for sure. Thankyou. Michael

    P.s and no editing either!

  92. I Just love the trendy trend of bagging out on people that make a difference.
    Pretty soon you will all be only listening to random peeps on utube that you haven’t yet developed jealousy ego responses to, and after that you will only be listening to your ego’s 🙂

    QUOTE ——->that Illuminatus Observor websites headline
    De-storying the Signatures of the Occult as only Masters of the Craft can do!

    Geee not too many tickets on himself/themselves hey? and i guess that suits ur ego’s too, cause your all masters of course!!!

    If you learn HOW to listen, everyone is a guru.

    Carry on folks 😀

  93. Wow, 4 years and counting …

    BTW SOJ, here’s some non-conspiratorial evidence pointing toward the reality of what are commonly called chemtrails:

    So, since you do indeed seem to be fairly evenhanded … do your hits spike everytime you run a hit piece on Watt? I have no dog in the hunt, ran across him only today. A google brought me here. I do think that it’s a good traffic builder for you. And a quick perusal of your blog shows that it’s a fairly regularly recurring rant, that the Watt audience does nothing but sit on their ass, and that Watt hasn’t had an original thought in years.

    The funny thing is, how often you feel the need to reiterate that Watt is worthless.

    One thing to note, Watt is obviously still doing his thing … how’s that occupy thing working out for you?

  94. this is not my only WordPress blog or my main blog.
    I haven’t posted about Alan Watt in quite a while. Look at the date of the last AW post. Occupy has achieved good actions not just flapping it’s gums on the radio. Occupy has made a difference. I belong to a local Occupy group and we’ve met with our local major so our input has been effective.

  95. My father listens to Alan Watt and nothing else. Doesn’t have a TV anymore as it brainwashes you.
    I guess Alan Watt wouldn’t try to brainwash him tho. ha. My father is very negative and has a pessimistic view on life. He sees the bad in everything and everyone since listening to Alan Watt.
    He makes me feel depressed and I have very little to do with him now as do the rest of the family.

  96. i am also beginning to be a bit wary of Mr. Watt.
    I loved him on Red Ice Radio.
    He came off as intelligent, non-biased, well spoken, no agenda, and honest.

    But i started to dig around a little bit more, and realized he hides a message of Xenophobia.

    He blames the NWO obviously, but he also blames “Multiculturalism” and the destruction of European Identity to “them”.

    Alan Watts is a true master.
    Alan Watt, is well-disguised Xenophobe, and money-hungry con.
    Just like Alex Jones… he’s great at exposing the NWO, Russian, China, and Iran.
    But Israel is off the agenda… (his wife is jewish).
    And if you look at the problems today, Israel has a large role.
    They’ve been caught spying on us, not Iran.

    • Sadly the Jews are yet another group controlled by the .0001% of the self appointed blood related .0001% of wealthy. We know not their names or identity except that they are terrestrial human beings who figured out early the power of a certain dedicated mindset in the human being general population. That is the secret our group uncovered and let us realize the understanding of the CyberInterNetic Agenda covering over a 100,000 years of shepherding humankind into one place of presence to another. We are being farmed. The final warning is at

      The part of the how it all started, how the .0001% figured out how to have computers before the invention of electricity, electronics and digital technology is fascinating. This secret our group discovered is available for $100,000 via a special offer.

      read the site on what the .0001% CyberInterNetic Agenda for mankind id all about and how we are building the means of our own extermination. ;(

  97. I used to listen to AW all the time. I bought his Cutting Through Books and donated a few bucks as well. His books are what turned me off to him. They are the most cheesy, pieces of crap books I’ve ever seen. They are photocopies of photocopies of photocopies, bound together with cheap combs, like something from a 1990’s student doing a book report assembled at Kinkos. The pictures were nothing but smudges, and even the text was almost unreadable many times.
    But to be honest, his books have absolutely nothing to do with what he talks about on his “radio” show. His books read like they are written by a schizophrenic retard. It’s almost impossible to make any sense of them, even if you are able to read the blurry text.
    His radio shows are basically just commentary on current events. Very opinionated, but who isn’t opinionated these days. His shows are almost tolerable. But when I bought his “books”, i realized the guy must be clinically insane, and I wasted a lot of money to figure that out 😦

    • Good to know and I’m always up to know good. Alan Watt is like the evangelical preacher, total bullshit, now send me money. Everyone accepts that Alan Watt lives in a cabin within the woods of Canada. No proof of any of it. It can rent a cabin in the woods every now and then and shoot some videos there. I know people who cabins in the woods yet they live in the city and visits the cabin to get away from the hustle and bustle of their job and city life. Point being Alan Watt may be a complete psychopath lying about everything. There are no Watt listeners I’ve ever heard of that have visited Watt for months on end and knows for sure he does live full time where he says he does.

      Yet people follow this personality of Alan Watt which could be totally made up. Alan Watt could be an actor playing a part. Who knows?

    • I am curious to know what had Alan Watt written in those books because its interesting to hear that what he speaks on his show is different from what he writes in his books.
      I heard Alan Watt talking about this photocopied books because he cant afford a publisher.

      • HPL why didnt you replied back concerning whats written in those books by Alan Watt. Please tell us mate.

  98. “Listening” to Alan Watt is damaging to your mental health; it will leave you lonely, isolated and vulnerable as you become more and more cut off from family and friends, more so if you go around trying “to wake people up”. If you are still listening to this toxic crap, turn it off now!! I know it’s meant to be addictive as you continually wait for the “Ultimate Truth” to be revealed, but in actual reality it is just one continual loop of negativity which will eventually destroy your life. Turn it off now, go “cold turkey”, slowly but surely you will feel so much better as you regain your former self. Someone mentioned the poems above… I wouldn’t read them either, what negative thoughts are they reinforcing or drilling into your consciousness. I get the impression that “Alan Watt” is fake, I am almost sure you can hear him laughing as he spews out his monotonous drivel. “Watching TV” is and never could be as damaging as “listening to ‘Alan Watt'”!!

    Sincerely, A Recovering ‘Alan Watt’ ‘listener’

      • Thanks John. I would say I am more or less recovered now – I have finally broken free of “Alan Watt” and his infernal site. I did visit it a few days ago – I know I shouldn’t have – just to see if it was still up or the ‘big boys’ had finally taken it down lol And I also downloaded one of the audio – again, I know I shouldn’t have – and you know what, I just couldn’t listen to it, it felt like trying to take up a bad habit, you know like when you first try a cigarette as a kid, I just couldn’t do it, so I just deleted it. Yes, it feels GREAT 🙂 to finally be free of “Alan Watt”.

      • I visit his site a couple times a year now. I don’t listen to his bull. For me his site is one of the fastest loading pages on Internet which suggests to me Watt has no issue with anyone trying to keep his message from anyone. He’s on national/global radio for fuck sake. His message as tthat of Alex Jones is fully available in this police state. That should be a clue to everyone. I’ve never met a Alan Watt listener at a rally, demonstration, or aciton gathering. They sit in their easy chair listening to others while doing nothing personally convincing themselve they are better than everyone else as they are more “enlightened”. Sitting in the house, do nothing but listen to your radio. WoW, that will change the world. Reallly? Get serious. Talk is cheap. At some point you gotta walk the walk.


      • “Alan Watt”‘s site ARE amongst the fastest loading sites on the internet; something like 99.99% of sites load slower that “Alan Watt”‘s, “Alan Watt is right up there with the “elite” 0.01% lol How does this square with his constant protestations that the ‘big boys” are always trying to take him down, and according to “Alan Watt” it takes him 4 hours to upload a 10MB mp3 lol What a crock!

  99. A discussion evolved (in the comment section of the video below) whether Watt got permission from Kealey to use his material. A commenter claims Watt asked and was given permission. Can someone confirm this?

    As far as I know Kealey had not been not asked and thus granted no permission:­­ttphoneConvoWithGlenKealey


    • Kealey said in a podcast that he didn’t mind Watt using his material. Kealey stated he want the information to get out and he didn’t care who got the credit. Propaganda agents need for the disinfo to spread. They get paid to encourage word of mouth. 😉

  100. Can someone please tell me what the positives are for listening to Alan “God” Watt, Cos I sure as hell know what the negatives are!? NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE …………………….
    And I’ve never listened to his ramblings, but have a very miserable family member that does!

  101. I know that you dont like Alan Watt, but the message of being your own Champion is a good message. Ive listened to Alan for years and he only says at the beginning of his Broadcasts about buying the books and discs and donations. He does not constantly promote items.
    You say that Alan Stole all his Material from Glenn Keally. Can you send me a link that shows that “All” his Material was stolen. I need hard Proof. Can you also link the Podcast where Keally said Watt stole his material.

    Your attacks on Alan seem Personal. I dont care if he lives in a Cabin or a Condo. His shows is just going over current event from news articles and giving his perspective. You seem to Generalize EVERYONE that listens to Watt.

    Im not sure how he is spreading lies or mis information. If you listened to Alan you CLEARLY hear him say over and over again that he is not there to Give you the Solution to all your Problems. He tells the Listeners to Seek out the Truth for themselves.

    If people get depressed by the truth I cant help them cause the Future is going to get Worse.

    Again Please post the links So I can check out your Claims.

    • You need to learn how to use Internet. You really don’t know how to find this information? You’re assertion that this is personal is absurd. Alan Watt has been slinging this bull for over thirty years. He’s accomplished nothing. If you need to be told by someone else to be your own person then that’s sad. BTW, how many times do you need to be told to start being your own person?

      You have enough data to find the information yourself. Be your own person. You can find the information you seek.

      • Your answer is exactly what I would expect. The burden of proof is on you and its absurd that you cant produce any evidence. I only asked for links and if you cant furnish them then you have no case. I never said that Alan has to tell me how to think. I said his message is a good one. Telling people to seek the truth out and be their own champion first is a good message.
        Whats Really sad is that you think you are changing the world by making an absurd blog. What have you done to make a difference at all?

        I knew from your previous posts you would not answer my questions and only attack me. I never attacked you in my previous post, but only asked a question. Which seems to me you Wont Answer

      • I found the information rather easily. The fact that you can’t be bothered to find your own answers shows me listening to Alan Watt has not been effective and it’s only entertainment for you which is what my point about Alan Watt listeners has been about all along. Alan Watt listeners are merely using Alan Watt as entertainment.

        Why should I answer your questions when asking me to provide you with data that is on Internet and rather easy to find and you can’t be bothered to look up. I don’t baby sit and quite frankly I’m not trying to prove myself to you. You can’t find data using Internet and are blaming me while whining that I won’t give you the answers. Be your own champion and seek out the truth yourself. Dont’ ask me to hand you data on a silver platter. The fact that you haven’t found the data you’re seeking while trying to blame me is a good indication of your attitude. I knew this would the case as Alan Watt listeners love to sit in their easy chair doing nothing and claiming to be more enlighten than everyone else.

        They never miss an episode of Alan Watt simply because they’re never out doing anything for the advancement of building a better world. Alan Watt listeners are like Alan Watt himself, all talk, no action. I guess I’ll just have to live with your disapproval or you could take your own heros advice and do the work.

      • Hmm. He has a point. Regardless of the tool at his fingertips, the onus rests on you. One you seem all too willing to buck in exchange for attacks.

        I couldn’t help but notice you mentioned being part of Occupy Wall Street. Which was organized and funded by the same 1% you claim to rail against. A controlled opposition if ever there were one.

  102. Alan Watt admitted on prison planet TV that he was invited and attended Rockefeller’s world citizenship award ceremony to give a 20 minute speech. He was also invited to join the round table society by Rockefeller himself. AW is far more dangerous than any psy op agent as he actively and shamelessly utilise mind techniques developed by Tavistoc institute. And Tavistoc is big in the music industry. This explains his music travels, occult knowledge of this system and almost perfect memory. He even speak in an aristocratic voice for Pete sake. He doesn’t mention aliens and reptilians but what he does say is far more insulting. He implies the elites have far more superior genes than you that you are just a useless eater or a useful idiot just consuming in your herd you call a culture. And you’re so dense you could’t figure that out yourself and need me a super talented true sentient to tell you that when I could use my time to educate my rich friends instead. I’m so smart I could live off high on the hog but I felt pity for you. So pay me or else you’re on your own. And its a big scary world out there filled with psychopaths of all kinds just waiting to kill you in slow painful ways. So leave all you have forget your hopes and dreams. Its all given to you by this system that’s held by bandages. And you can’t fight it. They got professionals paid in millions to never make a mistake. You certainly have no chance for a healthy life. Why just look at me, I am clearly your better and I live in the woods with a dog. You’ll have to live in the most remote parts of the world to escape this system. Your family and friends are just agents of this machine. They will turn on you at a drop of a dime. Think for your self. Do as I say. And may your god or your gods or dogs go with you. Not that its real since I’m a gnostic and belief I’ll be an immortal spirit returning to Gaia when I die. But not you, cause you’re the profane.

    Worst radio host ever.

  103. You claim watt has been on for thirty years………where? I can’t locate any material previous to jackie pareau/patrew whatever.

  104. Hey Sovereign John, please provide use links to the incriminating evidence you have against Alan Watt I’m not trying to be confrontational just curious. I want to know what info has you so convinced and so vehemently against this person.

    We could as you say “find information rather easily” on the internet, in fact we could find “info” about pretty much anything and from a variety of perspectives to boot, but we want to know whats made you so passionate about it.

    I too have the shill vision. I’m always keeping my guard up with indy media, but one thing Alan says resonates with me. “Knowledge is never destroyed by the elite”. Even if I don’t agree with everything he says (and if you find someone like that in life than its your clone!) I take from it what I will and leave the rest. I no longer burn any bridge I come across because I may think someone is a shill.

    I know how hard it is to get the word out i.e. self promote to an extent that isn’t egotistical but gets the word out. “independent” media walks a tightrope. Alan himself criticizes the shows he goes on (indirectly without naming names) and has provided long winded rationals for why he goes on these shows and doesn’t start flinging poo at everyone. Even though he disagrees with their shameless self-promotion he does it to get the word out.

    Theres an old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

    If you’re against Watt you’re really going about this in the wrong way.

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