Black Radio Discusses Barack Obama…

Obama Exposed.
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2008-08-10 Sandy Thompson and African People’s Solidarity Committee Chairwoman Penny Hess will discuss U.S. Democratic Party presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s neo-colonial program. Increasingly Obama is revealing his true positions on international and domestic issues, showing, as one pundit stated, that he could carry out a geopolitical platform “far more aggressive than Bush’s.”
The Forces Behind the Barack Obama Campaign for U.S. President
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2008-08-03 Hear a presentation made by African People’s Solidarity Committee Chairwoman Penny Hess in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 26, 2008. Backing up Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s keynote presentation to the same event, Hess shares research on Obama’s funders and advisors. The dynamic program gets to the heart of what is at stake in the 2008 elections: the continuation of this parasitic system resting on exploitation and genocide, with a seemingly kindler, gentler, African face.

2 thoughts on “Black Radio Discusses Barack Obama…

  1. When a conservative yet well informed man like Mr. Watt is attacked to such a degree then we all know that it is planted !
    Sorry guys i am much sharper than you will ever be, unfortunately the majority out there is not ! This man speaks because he cares deeply about truth and this alone is enough to qualify in my book.
    What this man says makes absolute logical sense and if you are not educated enough to keep the two apart then i suggest you do some background study into history. Why would anybody criticize him in the first place, you are pathetic, mind your own damn business and leave people alone.
    To put up a site in order to destabilize his authenticity is a clear sign of you working for the dark force, no doubt.

    • You’re proof of my point. I have said that Alan Watt listeners are a conceited bunch who think they’re so much smarter than anyone else because they listen to a loser on the radio. Alan Watt listeners are too busy feeling superior to everyone else to actually help others. No time to volunteer feeding the hungry, gotta listen to Alan Watt tell me how informed and smart I am. No time to volunteer for the habitat for humanity building housing gotta run to listen to Alan Watt tell me how the rest of society are sheep and how I’m not because I spend my time listen to him (which is the very definition of sheep). No time to help establish a community garden, I’ve done my part, I listen to a man on the radio tell me how everyone but me are sheep… ROFLMAO

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