Rational Review News Digest…..

Rational Review News Digest

* See No Evil, Hear No Evil

56) Dave Brady on Freedom Rings Radio, 11/24/08
Freedom Rings Radio

Dave Brady, chair of the Illinois Libertarian Party and the McHenry
County Libertarian Party, joins host Kenneth John. 9am Central on WRMN
1410 AM, Elgin, IL or live on the we. [live radio or stream]



57) QandO Podcast, 11/23/08

“Bruce and Dale discuss the decline in conservative/libertarian
political power.” [various formats] (11/23/08)



58) How major US neo-imperialist wars end

Speech by Robert Higgs at the Future of Freedom Foundation’s
conference Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy and Civil
Liberties. [Flash video] (speech delivered 06/06/08; video posted



59) Free Talk Live, 11/22/08
Free Talk Live

“The Couch Incarceration / Ian Childish? / Accepting Tyranny /
Choosing Battles / When is enough? / Refusal to Plea / Homeless Forced
from NYC Churches / Fed up! / Gun Control / Free State Project /
Regulation Removal Fantasy / They don’t care about your questions / Do-
Nothing Libertarian / Gun Rights / Lost Credibility? / What
constitution? / Tax Revolt?” [MP3] (11/22/08)



60) Freedomain Radio #1216
Freedomain Radio

“Statism is dead, part 2: The non-prosecution of George W. Bush for
murder, and what it reveals about statism.” [MP3] (11/21/08)


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