Audio : Hunger Striker Takes on Shell Oil

The Next Level Show – 13th September, 2008

As Shell Oil persists with plans to impose development of a gas field
over the protests of a local community, a 54-year-old school principal,
Maura Harrington has commenced a hunger strike to prevent
the laying of a sea pipeline. We speak with her live from the protest
scene, and with fellow Shell to Sea campaign member Terence Conway.

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Protester ends 11-day Shell to Sea food strike
Saturday September 20 2008

Jason O’Brien

A 54-YEAR-OLD woman opposed to the Corrib gas project ended her
hunger strike yesterday after the ship she was protesting about left
Ireland so it could be repaired.

Maura Harrington, a retired school principal, had been on hunger strike for
11 days after demanding the departure of the Solitaire.

The ship was brought in by Shell to lay the offshore section of the Corrib
gas pipeline, but equipment on board was accidentally damaged last week
shortly before work was due to begin. The ship left Irish waters yesterday
and is being repaired in Glasgow.

After calling off her protest, Ms Harrington accused the government of
neglect, and said it continued to put the profits of Shell before the needs of
the people.

“Any alternative location for the Corrib gas infrastructure will not build new
schools, new hospitals or contribute to the National Pension Fund,” she

“Until we, the people, benefit from what is rightfully ours, any attempt to
extricate Shell and the Government from the mess that is Corrib remains
doomed to failure. If Shell is capable of any rationality, now is the time for
them to accept that they will never put a pipeline through Glengad.”

However, renowned US activist Erin Brockovich, who is in Ireland to give a
lecture today, said that the hunger strike by Ms Harrington was not the
most effective way of reaching a resolution.

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