Why A Hip Hot Vice President?

A friend of mine asks me why I as a white man was promoting and voting for Rosa Clemente of the hip hop generation. I asked my white friend to look around. Look at what the Democrat and the Republican politicians have done to us. We are executing an illegal police action in Iraq, bombing from 15,000 feet men, women, children and babies. We are executing an illegal police state at home as our natural born sovereign rights are being denied, detained and imprisoned.

This is what the same old boy network has given us. We need a change all right, a real change. Let us vote for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. It’s time for real change not cosmetic change.

It’s time to kick the bums of the last fifty years out. A yo-yo diet of Republican/Democrat diet is killing America. We are getting fatter and fatter at the same time we starve ourselves to death in the deeper and deeper hole of police state debt. The first thing you do to get out of a hole is you stop digging !!!

No more Democrat and Republican failed policies.

We need to stop funding our own destruction. We need to do something different. We need to vote for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente.

Why a hip hop Vice President?

A PTA mom from Alaska fromĀ  the same old Republican party is new??!!

A black lawyer from Chicago from the same old Democrat Party is new?!!

A new party with a new candidate, now that’s new !!

Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clememte aren’t just pretending to be about change. They are change !!!!

We are running out of time,

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