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Episode #050 – The C word
Date/Duration: 2008/07/13 / 50:39
Description: Imagine a word that could stop a conversation, shut down all serious thought and make mountains of evidence disappear. Meet that wonderful term ‘conspiracy.’ Today we examine this word from the inside-out and look at ways political activists can use it as a basis for productive conversation.
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Episode #049 – Paperclipped Nazis and stay-behind Gladios
Date/Duration: 2008/07/06 / 52:28
Description: In the waning days of WWII, as the cold war began to freeze Europe, as the Iron Curtain was erected, intelligence agencies began a mad scramble to recruit the best and brightest minds from Nazi Germany. Learn more about how Nazi war criminals were brought over to found NASA, work in military weapons labs and start stay-behind networks in Western Europe to carry out terror attacks in the strategy of tension.
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Episode #048 – How to read the news
Date/Duration: 2008/06/29 / 1:06:43
Description: Everbody knows that the controlled corporate media uses spin, omissions and outright fabrications to lead the public astray. Today we learn how to get to the stories behind the stories and free ourselves from the media matrix.
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