Alex Jones, Hopsicker & the CIA Fakes

——– Fintan Dunne, ——–

Alex Jones, Hopsicker & the CIA Fakes
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Since I published the CIA Fakes I have elaborated:

Hopsicker-Keller-Edmonds are CIA. Alex Jones is CIA.
Jimmy Walters is CIA. Stephen E. Jones is CIA.
Dan Ellsberg is CIA. Mohammed Atta & his father are CIA.
Scheuer and Ray McGovern are CIA.
David Cobb and William Rivers Pitt are CIA.
Cynthia McKinney is CIA. Judith Miller and Patrick Fitzgerald are CIA.
Wayne Madsen is CIA. Mark Zaid is CIA. Bob Woodward is CIA.
Bev Harris is CIA. Seymour Hersh is CIA. Bob Fitrakis is CIA.

When I say “is CIA”, I mean knowingly playing a direct role
in GlobIntel (CIA/NSA/MI6/KGB/etc) deception operations

——– Fintan Dunne, ——–

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