h2k2 Events…..

Alphabetical Index of Events

      (mp3’s available for all panels from this site – video copies can be obtained through our store)
(Click on “L” to download a local copy to store on your machine, click on “S” to stream the audio)

Abuse of Authority
Access Control Devices
The Argument Against Security Through Obscurity for the Non-Digital World
Black Hat Bloc or How I Stopped Worrying About Corporations and Learned to Love the Hacker Class War
Bullies on the Net – The Ford and Nissan Cases
Caller ID Spoofing
“The Conscience of a Hacker”
Crypto for the Masses
Cult of the Dead Cow Extravaganza
Databases and Privacy
A Day in the Life of a Directory Assistance Operator
The DeCSS Story
Digital Demonstrations: Criminal DDoS Attack or Cyber Sit-in?
DMCA Legal Update
Domain Stalking
Educating Lawmakers – Is It Possible?
Everything you ever wanted to know about spying and did not know who to ask….
Face Scanning Systems at Airports: Ready for Prime Time?
“Freedom Downtime”
Freedom: File Not Found
Fucking Up the Internet at ICANN: Global Control Through the Domain Name System and How to Escape
Fun With 802.11b
Fun With Pirate Radio and Shortwave
GNU Radio: Free Software Radio Collides with Hollywood’s Lawyers
H2K2 Closing Ceremonies
Hacking for Community Radio
Hacking Nanotech
Hacking National Intelligence: Possibilities for a Public Intelligence Revolution
Hacking the Invisible World
Hardware Q&A
How to Start an IMC in Your Town
Human Autonomous Zones: The Real Role of Hackers
“I Am Against Intellectual Property”
The Ins and Outs of Webcasting
Introduction to Computer Viruses
Jello Biafra’s State of the World Address
Keynote: Aaron McGruder
Keynote: Siva Vaidhyanathan
“Life in a Distributed Age”
LPFM Basics
Magical Gadgets: The Profound Impact of Yesterday’s Not-So-Trivial Electronics on Our Digital World
Magic Lantern and Other Evil Things
Making Money on the Internet While Still Saying “Fuck”
Negativland – Past, Present, Future
The New FBI and How It Can Hurt You
Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
The Password Probability Matrix
The Patriot Act
Protection for the Masses
Proximity Cards: How Secure Are They?
Report From Ruckus
Secure Telephony: Where ARE the Secure Phones?
The Shape of the Internet: Influence and Consequence
Social Engineering
Standing Up To Authority
Steganography: Wild Rumors and Practical Applications
Strategic Thought in Virtual Deterrence and Real Offense: The Computer’s Role
Teaching Hacker Ethics with a Common Curriculum
Technomanifestos: Visions of the Information Revolutionaries
Tracking Criminals on the Internet
The Ultimate Co-location Site
The Vanished Art of Human Intelligence
or Why the World Trade Center Would Still Be Standing if Defense Against Terrorism Had Been Contracted Out to the Private Sector
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