Net radio raises a pirate flag

c/net News

no pirate radio - sovereign radio for me !!!!

My commentary….

It is amazing that so called independent broadcasters insist on using embedded media songs by embedded media artists. These embedded media artist sold out long ago and why anyone would risk going to prison just to listen to a song or watch a movie and/or watch an embedded Television program is beyond me.

Instead of breaking their laws, instead of begging to be able to listen, copy and reuse embedded media we need to get off our lazy asses and generate our own music, movies, tv shows, actors, singers and documentaries, real news, yes, our own media. It is easily done if we have the will to do it The technology exists to make studio quality music, movies, news broadcast, all from the grass roots.

We can do it if we have the will.

We shall overcome,


Pirate Radio is not a term we should use as it was most likely given to us by the CIA or MI5 as was the term hippie and the peace movement. We need not fall into yet another counter culture trap given to us by the embedded intelligence agencies. We need a real grassroots movement of independent media with independent articles, music, paintings, pictures, movies, television programs and public affairs documentaries and the like. Robert Redfords media showcase isn’t alternative media. He’s an insider and does not deserve our support. We must rise up and support our own, not some Hollywood and/or some RIAA sell out.

Until we own our media it is nothing but co-opted propagandized Horus Shit trickling onto our heads from the top. The least we can do is listen to real independent sovereign media. You can tell independent sovereign media as they will protect and support your natural born sovereign rights. Independent sovereign media will present data and ask that you make up your own mind and not ask you to automatically believe what you’re being told. Independent sovereign media will accompany their data presentations will footnotes and resources to fact check the data presented. Anyone who feeds you a line without footnotes, resources and allow for your feedback is simply a propaganda embedded media.

A great independent sovereign media website is breakfornews,com where the expression is free. The forum allows for the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Become your own media with over the air and Internet Radio….. is a non-profit website that provides free peer-to-peer broadcasting software. “It offers anonymity for broadcasters because there is no easy way to trace back to the original stream…”
The Nicecast website says, “Nicecast is the easiest way to broadcast music from OS X. Broadcast to the world, or just across your house. Nicecast can help you create your own internet radio station or allow you to listen to your iTunes Music Library from anywhere in the world!”

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