Best Macbook Podcast Ever !!!!

pc2macswitcher is the best podcast of its kind. Real data you can use. I love this podcast. While Macbook owners are taking hours and hours of video showing themselves unpacking the new macbook from the box and showing turning the laptop on pc2macswitcher provides real world data you can use.

Episode three is a data gold mine on the finder. Give it a listen and don’t forget to subscribe to this, the best macbook podcast ever !!!


Posted by: dphelps1 in Podcast

Welcome to episode number 3. In this episode we go over the Finder. You’ll learn what the Finder is, how to use it and how to customize it so it becomes your own. We’ll go over all the different aspects of the Finder. It’s all Finder all the time.

Remember…..explore, and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Best Macbook Podcast Ever !!!!

  1. wish that it were so. I had high hope for Macbook podcast when I first heard it. Listened to a few and was so disappointed I stopped listening. I’ll check back in with it to see if it has improved but macbookswitcher just works.

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