Michael Hudson

Fighting Against the Class War (audio-mp3)Aug 15, 2007 in Guns and Butter, KPFA
Finance against Industry and Labor: “Liquidity crisis in the banking system; wiping out of credit; demise of the dollar; stock volatility; hedge funds; sub-prime lending, real estate tax versus labor tax, etc.”

The Plot to Shift Taxes Off Wealth onto Wage Earners (audio-mp3) in Guns and Butter, KPFA Thursday, Aug 22nd, 2007
“AAA rating of subprime junk; inflation; change in world order; privatization of banking system through the Federal Reserve; Alan Greenspan and the 1982 Social Security Committee; junk economics; windfall profits; the law of fraudulent conveyance.”

Debt cancellation. History of Debt and Credit, Bloomberg radio with Lewis Lapham, Laphams Quarterly, radio).


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