Why Do Music Fans Grovel ???

If it weren’t so pitiful it would be soooo funny. I read article after article of how some poor music fan is jailed or harassed merely because they copied the CD to their ipod. Do music fans get pissed and vow to never buy embedded music by embedded media again. Oh no, they bitch, they moan and spend time in jail if need be cause damn it the music is worth going to prison over.

There is plenty of music out there that is creative commons free and if music fans had any sense at all they wold leave the CDs in the stores and only listen to music, artist and companies that allow for the music fan to do whatever with the music.

Are you really still listen to the radio station that supports putting you in prison if you copy a music CD to your mp3 player? Are you still buying music from Corporations that put you in prison if you copy a music CD to your mp3 player? Then expect to be put in prison if you violate their rules and perhaps even if you obey their rules, cause aside from taking your money, it seems they love thinking up ways of putting you in prison.

As for myself, if it isn’t free music that I can copy, distribute and whatever then it isn’t worth the risk of prison time. The next time you listen to a song you’ve bought or perhaps a song you bought then copied to your mp3 player remember, these artists and Corporations want to put you in prison when you naturally copy the music you bought.

Support Creative Common Music and Stop Buying from Greedy Ruthless Assholes.


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