Free Folk Music….

Hey folks,

This is where I keep a whole bunch of MP3’s from a whole bunch of CDs I’ve recorded since 1996 and other stuff as well. (You just click on the music link on the menu in the left.)

Feel free to download these songs. Use them for whatever purpose. Send them to friends, burn them, copy them, play them on the radio, on the internet, wherever. Music is the Commons. Ignore the corporate music industry shills who tell you otherwise. Downloading music is not theft, you’re not hurting anyone, I promise. (And in any case, yes, this is legal, and I’m making all of these songs available myself.)

There are lots more songs to be found elsewhere in the “audio/video” section of You can also find out about my upcoming gigs there, check out my Songwriter’s Notebook blog of essays, go to my MySpace site, buy CD’s, DVD’s, t-shirts, and other stuff at my estore, check out links to other artists and activist groups, and more…

Please feel free to send me an email and say hi, or if you need help finding a song or have a question, comment, etc. Also of course feel free to leave comments on the guestbook here on SoundClick above, or to leave comments at my MySpace page, etc

Free Folk Music Here


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