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ANNOUNCEMENT … i am working on my next release and am shooting for a release date of about march 01 of this year … this is something i have been working on for years and it is now ready for public release … my last release was on march 5, 2007 of the Calculate Primes book and DVD which has been and continues to be a huge success … for the new release … as with all my past releases … i do not preannounce topics to titles … and this will once again take a 90 degree turn from anything you have seen in my prior releases … bringing a cohesiveness to my work and the universe we live in … and finally … as with all the previous releases …  you have to read and understand my previous work to be ready for the new material … oh just one hint … you will have to be extra healthy so make sure you have flushed your body with pure clean water (as with water from the Berkey water filtering system) and understand the health benefits of the oxygenated Silver Biotics … this is in an effort to prepare you for what is to come … everything i do has a reason and is consistent with the other topics i talk about … get ready to expand your horizons into a new dimension … jim mccanney 

January 11, 2008 posting posting #1 … my weekly show is now archived … did you sleep poorly the night of January 08, 2008 (no one did from my personal survey) … listen to my radio show for january 10 and find out why … also the skies over the midwestern states were ablaze with tornadoes this past week … just a little warm weather according to the national weather service … clueless and misinforming the public again … the real cause was the electrical conditions as we maintain our electrical connection to the giant comet holmes … now physically 8 (yes … eight) times the size of our sun and growing and much to the chagrin of standard science is NOT GOING AWAY … it is hear to stay and proving for the entire world to see … becoming a minor planet as predicted in my theoretical work … yes some comets do become planets (not all but some with the correct conditions) … and no they are not dirty snowballs … jim mccanney

January 11, 2008 posting #2 … i made a prediction on my show last night regarding comet holmes … and is based on my sound calculations and NOTE this is my prediction as you heard it hear first … comet holmes will have a significant gravitational and electrical encounter with the planet jupiter on or near the date of september 8, 2050 … what will happen ??? it depends on items we cannot predict at this time including the amount of orbital changes that take place due to the tail drag (defined in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model) … already the tail drag is causing the comet to fall behind schedule and i am finalizing the calculations of that effect and will be posting soon … this is a detailed analysis and i am taking my time with it … NO OTHER COMET THEORY CAN EXPLAIN THE CONSISTENT TRACKING OF THIS COMET … the ridiculous dirty snow ball comet model does not work here because the nucleus is too large and secondly there is no jetting (you observe the comet to be highly uniform in the coma and nuclear regions) … and of course i predicted this BEFORE it happened … as with any good theory … predictions are helpful to show correctness … whether you are dealing with sub-atomic particles or chemical reactions or comets … i will have more updates on comet holmes … the newest developing planetary member of our solar system … just to summarize … the comet could be captured by jupiter to become a new moon and by 2050 should be much larger than it is now … the actual date could be months later than september 08, 2050 because of the effects of tail drag … causing the comet to be “late” but the time frame should be close … it could also  be redirected by jupiter to a new orbit which could include one that would bring it into the inner solar system … i will attempt to model these effects to further refine my predictions … jim mccanney 

P.S. note that in the capture of a new moon the excited electrical state and huge comet tail that would result is also instrumental in the capture process as the new moon would have energy losses that would allow it to fall into the gravitational well of the capturing planet … in this case jupiter … are we witnessing the birth of a new minor planet that will someday be captured as a new moon of jupiter or will it continue to grow in the wider solar system and find a new orbit that could either lock it into a true planetary orbit OR cause it to reek havoc with the other planets in a dangerous game of celestial billiards …

January 11, 2008 posting #3 … by the way the main science topic of my show last night was “how to talk to an alien” which deals with radio signals and some clarification of the radio signals detected coming from the comet hale bopp when it was first discovered … you will also learn one more reason why the tier II phony standard science wants the public dumbed down regarding the true nature of comets … because there are good reasons for alien space craft to “park” near comets … so if you want to try to listen to or communicate with a potential alien craft with your amateur radio astronomy equipment (which i talk about on the show) … start by looking at comets … don’t think that is a crazy idea … that is what the black ops programs are doing … jim mccanney

(P.S. i will be posting new orbital data for comet holmes soon so keep tuned … something strange is going on … or you would consider this normal if you understand what comets really are)

have you seen the americans around you seemingly walking around in some kind of stupor ??? like mindless drones just barely able to function ??? look at the people driving down the multilane highway with blank stares on their faces … this is what i am now calling the “fluoride stupor” … its as if you were at a partly and were the only one that was sober … everyone else thinks they are normal and thinking straight and talking sense … but from a sober onlooker they are all off the edge … this is the effect that many people are seeing who are using the Berkey Fluoride water filter attachments in their Berkey water filter systems … remember that not only does flouride not help your teeth as the water pours down your throat completely bypassing your teeth … but it was known since prior to WWII Germany by the Nazi regime to make people lackadaisical and easy to manage … jim mccanney

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